Weight lifting continues grind for athletes


Not all after school activities have to be about competition with other students or schools, some just about improving. There is a weightlifting program mainly comprised of sports players working out Monday through Wednesday and Friday after school.

They are working out in the gym on the south side of the school near the new addition. Many of these students are hoping that the new building will have a better weight room since the one we have now is not exactly ideal, a little crowded with small walkways and not enough equipment for all kids to use at the same time.

Among the many weight lifters is junior Charlie Richman. Richman plays varsity football and is on the track and field team.  Weightlifting will hopefully help his career get stronger in both activities.

Richman is a sprinter for the track team during the spring and plays football during the fall, so this helps him keep is time for a track and his power for football constant throughout the year.

Richman attends the lifting program for about two hours a day so that he can maintain muscle and becoming stronger and faster. Richman also said for main reasons he chooses to partake in weightlifting at the school that he, “likes to be with the team,” and bond before the season starts.

Another fellow workout member is junior Matt Crowell. Last season, Crowell started for the varsity football team it hopes to start next year as well. However, Crowell does not only play football though, he also plays baseball for the varsity team during the spring and likes keeping his skills honed.

Along with weightlifting after school, Crowell occasionally spends weeknights at the high school participating in batting practice and pitching. He usually works out two and a half hours Monday through Wednesday and Friday.

It’s more fun to lift and get better with the team and it’s just as good at the school as it is anywhere else.”

— Matt Crowell

Crowell said the weight room is a nice place to lift because, “It’s more fun to lift and get better with the team and it’s just as good at the school as it is anywhere else.”

Junior punter, Mason Schwerzler is a part of the weight lifting program after school that costs $50 a student and they can use all the equiptment whenever you want even if there is no coach or trainer there, as long as the school is open.

He said, “The main purpose is to get a significant advantage over opponents during the off-season.”

Unlike others Schwerzler is already preparing for next season to outplay other teams that they couldn’t beat this year like Burnsville.  Schwerzler added, “It gives the coach a chance to see what you can do and your effort.”

Schwerzler added, “The weightlifting program at the high school is no different than any other program which will cost thousands of dollars.”

Many people choose to do different workouts and the amount of days they workout, but all for the same reason, to get better. If students are able to attend most of the practices along the weight lifting program they will receive a school letter to add to or to receive a letterman’s jacket.

They may want to out-work their opponents like Schwerzler does, to get better at everything as Richman does, or be there for the fun of it as Crowell is, but student athletes are becoming better and healthier through weight lifting.