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This photo shows band teacher Dennis Lindsay along with his one in-person student for Percussion Ensemble on the b day. A room that would usually be filled with around 30 students playing a variety of instruments, from Marimbas to Tom Toms, instead only shows one student and Lindsay doing their “independent studies” while the stands and chairs (not pictured) sit with no one using them during this period. Many of the students in Percussion Ensemble are doing full on distance learning, and in early November with the start of quarter two, this room will be left fully empty.
High school and college students lose many traditions such as graduation
Mikai Tasch, Social Media Editor • December 1, 2020

Generational theft has been used to describe how many seniors, freshman and sophomores in college have/will lose their high school, and college traditions this year. This makes the end of high school and the start of college so special, not just around the Twin Cities, but all over the country, and the world. This comes as a result of the Coronavirus, which has taken almost 230,000 people’s lives...

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New schedule offers three courses as full semester.
New schedule offers three courses as full semester
Karley Rydeen, Distribution Reporter • November 30, 2020

Students' daily schedule looks different than what they have been used to in the past. Now students participate in a hybrid schedule: three classes per one quarter, along with longer periods. Students are now learning double the work taught to make up for teachers having half the time to teach.  This summer, students and their families were told that the school year will look a little different....

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Calculus teacher Mrs. Nords Classroom lays empty at the end of Nov. 9, the last day school will be in session for students in Group A. The school will still be  open to teachers and students who are involved in extracirriculars.
New Distance Learning schedule will mistakenly cause students anxiety
Drew Jurek, Layout Editor-in-Chief • November 30, 2020

As of Thursday, Nov. 5th the School Board announced that Stillwater Area High School and both Middle Schools will move to a completely distance learning model with the commencement of classes on Nov. 16th. This change will be accompanied by a new schedule that, while thoughtful, will prove incredibly disruptive to students' lives. As reported by Washington County, the number of cases of COVID-19...

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