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Junior Tyler Olson studies an ACT Prep Class textbook. Many students take time out of their classes to study for the ACT, which interferes with their focus and learning experience during class time.
ACT testing adds unneeded stress and provides an unfair advantage
Lucas Polucha, Video Editor • February 18, 2020

For many college-bound students, the ACT or SAT tests present the largest hurdle in high school. What is intended to be a test of one's ability too often becomes a stressful, inaccurate and even unfair. Colleges should find less stressful and more balanced ways to determine a student's eligibility for admission or scholarships than standardized tests. The ACT and SAT tests are designed to demonstrate...

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School Board directors Tina Riehle, Sarah Stivland and Mike Ptacek are three of the four board members who voted not to expand Brookview Elementary, despite a growing community support surrounding the elementary school.
School Board should listen to recommendations of community
John Franklin, Copy Editor-in-Chief • December 20, 2019

As a student who lives between Lake Elmo and Woodbury, I can see that times are changing.  Almost every day of my life I have driven past the Lake Elmo Airport.  Across from the Lake Elmo Airport, there used to be a farmer's field.  I always thought it would stay there.  Then, during my junior high years, construction started happening on that field.  That field now has a housing development named...

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The lunch room supplies students with nutritious lunches, free or paid. Everyday, thousands of kids rush to eat their lunches and receive a break from learning all day, but with Trump
Families express concern about Trump's proposal to reduce free school meals
Julie Xiong, Graphics Editor • November 28, 2019

Education is key to a successful life and career. The future of our society depends on the younger generations to make a change, therefore, proper nutrition must be provided. President Trump’s administration is considering reducing the number of students able to receive free lunches at school. The support and privilege of applying for free or reduced lunches should be given to students of low...

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