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Freshmen Kendall Bajda, Eva Stafne, and Amelia Venzke hang out before the bell on a Friday morning. Rather than utilizing the Friday as a help day, they are waiting for the first bell to start their  seven hour school day.
Four day school week proven more beneficial
Olivia Wavamunno, Podcast Reporter • November 22, 2019

Within the past couple of years, Colorado schools―district 27J, as well as many others, have implemented four day school weeks rather than five. While some have found the change to bring some inconveniences, many people have found the switch beneficial. Furthermore, students who currently have five day school weeks say they would prefer having four day school weeks. Both students and teachers...

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Senior Michael Finch views Breitbart News’ Facebook page. In 2018, Wikipedia said Breitbart could only be allowed for opinion supports in their informative articles because of the reporting slant.
Political tribalism, violence, effects of having far-right news on social media
Alex Steil, Online Editor-in-Chief • November 20, 2019

Breitbart News, during the heat of the 2016 presidential campaign, was one of the most trafficked news sources on the internet, behind Fox News. It is one of the farthest right news sites in the conservative mainstream. It has been marketed as a news source on Facebook, but is not allowed on Wikipedia for factual citations. Far-right news has lead to startling real world consequences, such as the...

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The most popular social media app, Instagram, recently took away the ability to see the amount of likes on a post. Likes are no longer visible on the platform.
Instagram takes away likes, completely changes platform
Paige Sanders, Photography Editor-In-Chief • November 11, 2019

One billion people are active every month on the most popular social media app, Instagram. With updates and changes often made to this growing platform, Instagram recently made a significant change to the app, taking away likes on all posts. A few weeks ago, likes disappeared on Instagram. Many users panicked as their self-esteem instantly declined from the vanish of their likes. Others cannot see...

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