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The most popular social media app, Instagram, recently took away the ability to see the amount of likes on a post. Likes are no longer visible on the platform.
Instagram takes away likes, completely changes platform
Paige Sanders, Photography Editor-In-Chief • November 11, 2019

One billion people are active every month on the most popular social media app, Instagram. With updates and changes often made to this growing platform, Instagram recently made a significant change to the app, taking away likes on all posts. A few weeks ago, likes disappeared on Instagram. Many users panicked as their self-esteem instantly declined from the vanish of their likes. Others cannot see...

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Junior Sam Hickey reads about the Iran situation on his phone. While American news has a strong focus on foreign policy, these issues do not seem to have a strong influence on voters.
Donald Trump continues to worsen situation with Iran, America silent
Drew Jurek, Graphics Editor • October 30, 2019

President Donald Trump's bad policy towards Iran has increased tensions to such a point that we could be on the brink of one of the worst wars in decades. However, the U.S. political scene continues to neglect talking about it. Trump tweeted on June 2018, threatening the president of Iran Hassan Rouhani with war. Trump's...

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School board members voted 5-2 at a board meeting in June to begin discussions about a separation agreement. Superintendent Pontrelli is not interested in cutting ties with District 834.
Superintendent Pontrelli deserves complete support from community
Julia Bennet, Social Media Editor-in-Chief • October 28, 2019

The school board began discussions this past summer regarding a separation agreement with the Superintendent Denise Pontrelli. Closing three elementary schools and changing the course of action for the district caused an enormous amount of frustration and distrust within in the community since the BOLD closures in 2015.  Many community members, teachers and students have shown their support for...

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