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The student news site of Stillwater Area High School

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The student news site of Stillwater Area High School

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Student on various social media platforms on their devices. Teenagers typically spend about five hours on social media, more than double the recommended use.

Teenagers must limit social media use

Paige Van Duyne, Broadcast Editor May 22, 2024

Teenagers must understand the influence social media consumption has on their daily lives and how to use it in moderation. Their heavy reliance on social media impacts their offline lives from communication...

Students Ava, Alyson and Margaret are on their phones in class during free time. In the last 5 years, a massive increase in phone usage has been seen in teenagers in todays society.

New Phone Policy passed by House for schools to have no phones in class

Makayla Shugg, Copy Editor May 21, 2024

Cellphones in school was not a problem until it did become one, and now administration is trying to enforce phone policies in schools so students have fewer distractions. This phone policy ensures students...

Students use technology and the internet as a much larger part of their learning in recent years. Under KOSA regulations, the content of the internet would be limited to minors, potentially censoring educational information.

KOSA regulations threaten privacy and promote online censorship

Fen Parham, Layout Editor-in-Chief May 21, 2024

Imagine a world where an ID is needed to access the internet. KOSA, or the Kids Online Safety Act, was first introduced as a bipartisan bill to the United States Senate in Febuary 2022 to protect minors...

Jimmy (Mr. Beast) Donaldson prepares for a video where he gives $50,000 worth of food to food shelters. He makes content on YouTube of him giving away money or objects to people for ad revenue. His audience is kids and teens and has over 250 million subscribers on YouTube.

Public giveaways by social media influencers are not harmful

Gibson Strub, Layout Editor May 21, 2024

Many social media influencers over the past decade started giving money to strangers and organizations for content on YouTube, Instagram, and real-time streaming services like Twitch and Kick. Recently...

An athlete swimming at a swim competition.

Transgender women should not be allowed to compete in the womens division

Ava Biederman, Photography Editor-in-Chief April 19, 2024

Lia Thomas is a transgender woman that competed in the men's division during the 2019-2020 season while she went through hormone therapy. She then started competing in the women's division at University...

The Ultimate Frisbee team practices throwing drills at one of their practices. Student athletes endure a lot of pressure as they juggle sports and academics.

Student athletes feel pressure to perform well

Tyson Blazer, Copy Editor April 17, 2024

It is not a suprise sports hold a significant place in student life. From the adrenaline in a game to bonds created between teammates, sports offer experiences that are priceless. But there is also a lot...

The A and B wings are the heart of the schools arts programs. Schools need to promote these art classes more so students can learn and benefit from them.

Schools need to promote benefits of art classes more

Gabbi Chau, Political Cartoon Editor April 16, 2024

With schools in the metro area deliberating budget cuts, with the arts typically being the first to be cut, schools need to encourage students to take visual art classes and performance art classes to...

Students collaborate to come up with the main topics that were discussed in the first Voices of Change session. The conference was split up into three sessions; each session they could pick a different topic to talk about in a small group. During the last hour everyone came together to come up with the most prevalent issues to change.

Voices of Change Conference ignites new ideas

Pony Express Editors-in-Chief March 10, 2024

The Voices of Change Conference is a collaborative meeting and workshop-based conference that is led by Cornelius Rish and the Student Leadership Council (SLC) during BLAST week. It was held in the school...

The album cover of Taylor Swifts new album The Tortured Poets Department, that will be released on April 13. Swift announced the album on stage in front of the world after winning her 13th grammy on Feb. 11.

Republicans start Anti-Taylor movement: why they need to “shake it off”

Bailey Holmes, Photography Editor-In-Chief March 5, 2024

At this point, if someone does not know who Taylor Swift is they officially live under a rock. In the past year, she has become what fans are calling "the most powerful person in America", benefitting...

Stella McHugh studies during office hours.  Flex times such as office hours will be more available if a block schedule is implemented. A group of staff is working to adapt the schedule for the upcoming years.

Block scheduling allows for an increase in opportunities

Belle Lapos, Layout Editor-in-Chief January 26, 2024

According to the Foundation for Economic Education, the same public education system has been used for roughly 150 years. It is a system that does not acknowledge factors like teenage sleep schedules and...

The Sustainable Fashion Club holds a clothing swap. Students engage in socializing with peers getting new clothes in an eco-friendly way.

Fashion companies need more sustainable alternatives

Lainey Zinda, Photography Editor December 16, 2023

Fashion brands are quick at keeping up to date with new trends, and teens are the main consumers. But most teens buying these clothes probably do not know the effects their closet has on the planet. Fast...

Juniors Ryo Davis, Olivia Decorsey and Lauren Nelson are on their phones scrolling on Pinterest and Snapchat rather than socializing or interacting with peers. Because of social medias negative addicting effect. Social media has a significant effect on students mental health when talked about in school and the stigma and seriousness of mental health.

Social media has significant effect on students mental health

Ava Aspengren, Business Editor December 13, 2023

Social media has a significant effect on student's mental health when talked about in school and the stigma and seriousness of mental health. ABC news mentions the addiction of social media and the issue...

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