The Pony Express

Student Delaney Johnson watches Taylor Swifts music video for her song Anti-hero with the deleted scene. As she watches the video she thinks about what the meaning of the video is.

Taylor Swift called fatphobic by media

Milena Sandstrom , Podcast and Distribution Reporter December 7, 2022

Taylor Swift released a music video for her song, Anti-Hero, which is on her newest album, Midnights and got backlash from the media. The song Anti-Hero has a powerful meaning of how we are our own worst...

A hand holding a pencil filling out a bubble sheet.

ACT tests should not be required for college admissions

Sydney Rodd, Layout Editor-in-Chief December 3, 2022

High school students wonder if it is still worth their time and money to take college readiness exams, such as the ACT and SAT. This is because colleges across the nation are becoming test-optional, including...

Marijuana got pardons on felons in possession. This is a positive decision for the economy that is clear.

Biden’s pardons of marijuana for felons step in right direction

William Cadenhead, Political Cartoonist and Online Editor December 1, 2022

President Joe Biden has ordered marijuana drug pardons for all American citizens who have been convicted, arrested, or prosecuted for holding marijuana, at least in small quantities. This one act can improve...

Senior player runs the ball during the 1st down.

Class of 2023 wins the annual powderpuff game

Maya Disher, Photography and Copy Editor October 24, 2022

  Coming off an intense win last year, the senior class of 2023 won for the second time, except this year they truly are the "top dogs," as they beat out the junior class of 2024. Powderpuff...

Junior Liam Butler makes a Tik Tok Before school in

Social media influences musical tastes

Angela Taylor, Copy Editor and Business Editor October 21, 2022

Most students do not remember life before social media.  In fact, most of student were not even born before the development of the world’s initial forms of social media. Being integrated into students'...

School parking lot as the day ends and cars coming and going.

Administration changes school parking lot fee structure

Soel Riser and Oren Hamilton October 20, 2022

Over the summer, administration made changes to the parking lot, allowing students to park freely and provide more space for community and staff members to park and use facilities. In order to park...

Carter Magistad playing during practice in their first week of season on March 30. The team practices after school on weekdays.

Boys tennis team returns with strong players

Keira Jelinek, Social Media Editor April 26, 2022

The boys tennis team starts their spring season with strong returning players. The coaching staff includes David Kahl, Bryce Ellefson and Jay Knutson. Their official season begins on March 28. Practices...

Members of the girls track and field team are ready for the upcoming race. The girls are wearing pony gear to show off their pride for their school.

Track and field starts off with a bang

Ava Stein, Graphics Editor and Online Editor April 25, 2022

Bang! A shot fired into the air and track members zoomed down the field. Junior Kyle Och's feet pounded on the ground as he had his eyes on the finish line. Och inched his way to the front of the group,...

Ukrainian soldiers on patrol outside of Kyiv.

Social media affects Ukraine-Russia war

Charli Burdick-Kitchell, Graphic Editor and Copy Editor April 23, 2022

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably...

Special Education teachers Jon Matel and Jon Hinzman help their students become accustomed to working. They have been assisting special education students at the school for a couple of years.

Pony Brew provides job experience to special needs students

Brady Lau, Social Media Editor, Podcast Editor April 23, 2022

The Pony Brew is a coffee shop located in B116 and is run by special education students. It is part of a class called Work Experience taught by special education teachers Jon Hinzman and Jon Matel....

The boys varsity and JV baseball teams scrimmage Edina pre-season on Stillwater turf.

Boys baseball opens season with long-standing members

Cambrie Cole, Photographer, Distribution. April 22, 2022

The boys baseball team has returned for another season, with minor variations to the team dynamic. Rather than having a few designated captains, the team decided to have no captains and instead combine...

Stillwater Wind Symphony members are getting ready for their tour to New Orleans. They have played through some possible repertoire.

Music groups back on tour this spring

Isabelle Knighton, Layout Editor April 19, 2022

The rocking bus lulled the rowdy music student as they head to their numerous destinations. All music groups are heading on their own selective tours.  They will all be traveling at different times...

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