Social media influences musical tastes

Junior Liam Butler makes a Tik Tok Before school in

Photo by Angela Taylor

Junior Liam Butler makes a Tik Tok Before school in

Angela Taylor, Copy Editor and Business Editor

Most students do not remember life before social media.  In fact, most of student were not even born before the development of the world’s initial forms of social media. Being integrated into students’ day-to-day, social media has become the backbone of teens’ lives, and according to SOVA, “social media is one way of connecting people over their taste in music.”  

SOVA described how adolescents listen to more music than any other age group. Combine this with the instant ability to find and share music via social media and a surplus of creative possibilities, this bring limitless possibilities for students.

“I would say it [social media] introduced me to a lot of new songs, new sounds, and new artists that I probably wouldn’t have listened to,” junior Ethan Stabenow said.

Alumni Connor Quaderer, a popular local rapper, defines social media as a “community.” Quaderer believes it is a place where students and other teens can share their new interests, ideas, and current music obsessions. 

Choir teacher Katelyn Larson shares her admiration for social media’s ability to introduce people to new artists and genres to all those interested.  

“I think social media is really good.  It exposes new artists,” Larson said.

Social media is also a way for said artists to market their music. Sharing music on apps like Tik Tok, an app used by 67 percent of teenagers, Youtube, used by 95 percent of teenagers, and Instagram, a platform used by about 62 percent of teens, executes the repetition side of music marketing. 

“These reels, these shorts are the extreme repetition of their brand and their music. They’re intended to get stuck in your head,” Quaderer said.

The mentality of needing a constant trend and new sound leaves content creators in a perpetual state of exhaustion. These creators are pushed to produce the newest fad to appease content consumers.  

“People want what’s now,” Quaderer said. “The best artists in the world would be nothing if they couldn’t market their music properly… music needs social media.”

There are many positive aspects of social media for the music world. Social media gives users the ability to put essentially anyone they choose in the spotlight. This capacity to highlight creators some believe should not have a platform.

“I feel the same way about social media that I feel about a credit card… it is a dangerous, dangerous tool,” Quaderer said.

With that, many people explain the seemingly never-ending amount of content, with features like the “For You” page on Tik Tok creating an algorithm catered to your likes and dislikes, users feel as though it is almost impossible to close the app and revert back to their day to day lives.  

Though known for its addictive nature, Tik Tok and other forms of social media are necessities for many teens, because in today’s day and age, the lack of social media is the lack of knowledge and virtual community.