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Juniors Briana Barreiro and Jayda Boutchee example what they have seen in classes. Phone use during school hours has become normalized.

Governor’s proposed phone ban should not pass

Netta Hillegass, Broadcast Editor May 22, 2024

Phone usage has been a struggle for some teachers around the school district. Now, lawmakers are implementing a proposed phone ban in schools, but is this the best option? Students all around school use...

Sierra Maatta, Lawrence College Admin Counselor and Alison Brodersen-Schroder College & Career Coordinator, worked together to coordinate a college visit for students. Senior Jerome Vacek and fellow senior Brandon Barrero were given the opportunity to learn more about college. During the visit they received valuable insight, and learned about some of the challenges college can bring.

College needs to be more accessible for everyone

Pony Express Staff October 30, 2023

Every year, high school seniors face the choice of what to do after high school, and consider if they are willing to take on the burden of student debt to attend higher education. Student debt has more...

Jennifer Norton is scrolling through social media at the kitchen table. She agreed that phones and social media are addicting, causing her to be less productive in her every day life.

Smartphones cause addictions in young teens

Pony Express Staff February 22, 2023

Smartphones have proven to be addicting for many people. Phones and social media strip people away from reality, keeping them out of touch with the world around them. In addition, addictions to smartphones...

Woman doing homework in the Media Center

Quality over quantity needed in homework for students’ success

Pony Express Staff December 7, 2022

It is no secret that American students feel swamped with their homework. While homework is not seen as inherently harmful, most take issue with the sheer amount of homework and its repetitive, unconstructive...

Picture of Pony Express staff discussing office hours.

Students agree office hours should be reinstated

Pony Express Staff October 21, 2022

The building administration made a decision to take office hours away for the beginning of the 2022 to 2023 school year. The staff made the incentive that if everyone follows the new tardy and attendance...

Pony Centers have taken the brunt of handling absenteeism. Assistant principals and counselors are often overwhelmed with cases of student absenteeism.

School must motivate students to raise attendance

Pony Express Staff June 8, 2022

Chronic absenteeism has been a prevailing problem in the United States for the past decade. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, existing problems were exacerbated tenfold. Among other factors, lack of...

Picture of officer Paradise

Administration must increase transparency with safety

Pony Express Staff April 15, 2022

So far this year, Stillwater Area High School has gone into two lockdowns occurring Dec. 14, 2021 and Feb. 22 in response to emergency events. During both lockdowns, the school has provided vague communication...

Maus by Art Spiegelman has come into public interest as schools begin to ban the book that details the horrors of the Holocaust. Maus is one of many books that have come under recent criticism in regards the subject they cover and their appropriateness of the content for students

Staff Editorial: School reading lists must diversify

Pony Express Staff March 2, 2022

Throughout history, English classes have challenged students to look deeper at the texts that surround them, analyzing the stories that form our world; but for some, this analysis only brings discomfort...

This is an example of the weekly screen time reports Apple sends out. Everyday it tracks your amount of time spent on the device and compares it to past weeks.

Staff Ed: The effect of social media, large amounts of screen time has on students

Pony Express Staff January 24, 2021

Social media is being used more than ever while everyone’s lives are being moved online, especially for students in school 100% online. Social media can be a large powerful platform that can affect many...

After junior Calli Dierkhising’s early morning shift she comes home to work on her homework. Online days give Calli the freedom to chose when to work. Having a job during school hours teaches students great time management skills.

Staff Ed: Students working during school hours see an effect on learning

Pony Express Staff November 9, 2020

Now that students are part time or fully online, many have considered taking shifts in the morning when school would normally take place. Online days have given students a bit of freedom on when to complete...

Skills like baking, cooking and other aspects of the kitchen are among some of the most important parts of a FACS class. In recent years, the amount of classes offered to students has dwindled.

Staff Ed: FACS classes needed in middle schools

Mairin Torgerson, Photographer February 21, 2020

Over the past few decades, the number of middle school students who have taken a FACS, (family and consumer science) class has dwindled. In many schools across the nation, it is no longer a required course,...

Schoology is an online tool used by students and teachers. Students use Schoology to access courses online. Teachers are able to upload assignments students can do on e-days.

Staff Ed: eLearning Days keep students learning during snow days

Pony Express Staff November 26, 2019

  E-Learning or flex days will be implemented this school year. Students can do an assignment virtually on snow or cold days when they will not be in school. This is to prevent adding on days...

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