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This is an example of the weekly screen time reports apple sends out. Everyday it tracks your amount of time spent on the device and compares it to past weeks.
Staff Ed: The effect of social media, large amounts of screen time has on students
Pony Express Staff January 11, 2021

Social media is being used more than ever while everyone’s lives are being moved online, especially for students in school 100% online. Social...

After junior Calli Dierkhising’s early morning shift she comes home to work on her homework. Online days give Calli the freedom to chose when to work. Having a job during school hours teaches students great time management skills.
Staff Ed: Students working during school hours see an effect on learning
Pony Express Staff November 9, 2020

Now that students are part time or fully online, many have considered taking shifts in the morning when school would normally take place. Online...

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