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The student news site of Stillwater Area High School

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The student news site of Stillwater Area High School

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A woman holds a sign My Body, My Choice, in response to pro-life legislation. The 1864 Arizona abortion law that became reinstated in April has caused an uprising throughout the United States.

Arizona abortion law uncovers truth of United States polarization

Bailey Holmes, Photography Editor-In-Chief May 21, 2024

You would think that a law made in 1864 about women's health, which has completely changed since then, would not even be considered for reinstatement. Unfortunately, that does not seem like the case. On...

A photo of the ChatGPT home screen. ChatGPT is the words most popular generative AI by far.

Generative AI should not be cut from society

Ka’ron Cloak, Graphics Editor April 17, 2024

Generative AI has been a staple for creating innovative and intricate designs with little effort. Ever since ChatGPT was released to the public in November of 2022, the world has been using and changing...

The American flag originally had 26 designs, settling on the current one in 1959. Despite the political differences in the United States the flag represents Americas as one

Why two-party system continuously fails America

Shea Denning, Broadcast Editor April 16, 2024

Every four years, American citizens elect a presidential candidate to serve a four-year term, with the goal of fulfilling the American people's needs, values and ideals. Although America offers a plethora...

The library during passing time between the first and second hour of the day is half filled with PSEO and senior students. Some of these students are currently taking senior electives, which they spend in the school library.

Getting rid of senior electives will negatively impact students

Briana Barreiro, Online Editor March 6, 2024

In these past few months, school administration has been discussing new scheduling ideas such as block scheduling, different start times and more. This conversation has led to them going on back and forth...

Juniors Ryo Davis, Olivia Decorsey and Lauren Nelson are on their phones scrolling on Pinterest and Snapchat rather than socializing or interacting with peers. Because of social medias negative addicting effect. Social media has a significant effect on students mental health when talked about in school and the stigma and seriousness of mental health.

Social media has significant effect on students mental health

Ava Aspengren, Business Editor December 13, 2023

Social media has a significant effect on student's mental health when talked about in school and the stigma and seriousness of mental health. ABC news mentions the addiction of social media and the issue...

Cannabis plants being grown naturally in greenhouses. Cannabis plants are ready to harvest after 10 weeks.

Legalization of marijuana is questioned

Ella Belland, Online Editor-Photographer May 31, 2023

The legislative passed the legalization of recreational use of marijuana by a vote of 34-33 on April 28. The final bill has now made its way to Governor Tim Walz’s desk to be signed  before becoming...

The Minnesota State Capitol Building sits regally in the sun in St. Paul, Minn. Each day representatives, voted into office to make Minnesota a better place, meet and discuss policies that could help Minnesota citizens.

Democrat trifecta reflects the views of Minnesota voters

Michael Fredericks, Graphics Editor April 10, 2023

Only every few years does a rare political state trifecta appear. These trifectas could only happen if one party in the government controls the governor's seat, the State Senate and the State House. In...

Chess requires a checkmate to win. Take advantage of the opponents faults and prevail.

Chess Club prepares students for tournaments

William Cadenhead, Political Cartoonist March 4, 2023

Chess Club was formed on October 6th. Freshman Jonah Bailey was founded to delve deeper into the game. The club takes place every Friday in room C209 Math Teacher Torry Kraftson advises it. The game...

Ali Rustad- Junior

New AP African American studies course becomes largely restricted in Florida

Bailey Holmes, Photography, Copy Editor February 22, 2023

AP African American studies has been restricted by Florida's Department of Education after Governor DeSantis claimed that it is an unnecessary addition to education that promotes political ideologies....

A golden ticket kiosk is located in the White Pony Center with a sign, stamp and blank tickets.

“Golden tickets” prove effective, reduce tardies

Sydney Rodd, Layout Editor-in-Chief October 21, 2022

Sitting in detention is never fun for anyone involved. However, students have been serving detentions just for being late to class. Many have mixed reactions to the tardy ticket policy, even when it...

Maus by Art Spiegelman has come into public interest as schools begin to ban the book that details the horrors of the Holocaust. Maus is one of many books that have come under recent criticism in regards the subject they cover and their appropriateness of the content for students

Staff Editorial: School reading lists must diversify

Pony Express Staff March 2, 2022

Throughout history, English classes have challenged students to look deeper at the texts that surround them, analyzing the stories that form our world; but for some, this analysis only brings discomfort...

Members of Stillwaters Young Democrats make cookies for the Vice Presidential debate. The Young Democrats watched the debate to be educated and learn more about their candidates Vice President. It is important to stay educated on politics by watching, reading, or listening to the news.

Transfer of presidential power necessary for peace

Luci Miller and Calli Dierkhising November 20, 2020

America’s future is riding on the election results of Nov. 3 and the direction our leaders will take. Many Americans believe with the division the country is experiencing, that a peaceful transition...

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