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Local small businesses sit empty and closed until further notice. Business owners endure the financial burden due to COVID-19 and anxiously wait until they can reopen once again.
Small businesses combat coronavirus
Ella Nelson, Copy Editor • April 30, 2020

Small businesses across the nation continue to feel the financial toll of COVID-19. Federal assistance loans continue to be distributed, but many small business owners are wondering if it will be enough for their business to survive this unfortunate time. "We had to close our retail store for the time being, and we also had plans and actually secured a new space where we're going to expand our manufacturing,...

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The boundaries of the current bus terminal on Hudson Boulevard North in Lake Elmo. The bus terminal is at risk of closing following a Lake Elmo City Council meeting in January
District bus terminal risks closure
AJ Fierro, Online Editor • March 30, 2020

At a Lake Elmo City Council (LECC) meeting on July 17, 2018, the school district was given a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to operate a new bus terminal on their property in Lake Elmo. The permit came with conditions that needed to be completed by Oct. 31, 2019. However, the developer working with the district has failed to complete one of the conditions, and that may cause the district to lose their...

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