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Paul Elletson was drinking his daily morning coffee. He drinks it every morning to get a nice start to the day.
Sleep deprivation in students leads to health issues
Sam Elletson, Podcast Reporter • April 8, 2020

Teens who don’t get enough sleep regularly have a greater risk of developing health issues. These may be obesity , diabetes, poor mental health...

Engaging in conversation during Journalism class, seniors Alayna Christian and Sophie Watkins discuss the different stereotypes associated with high school girls on Feb. 11.
Female stereotypes overlooked in high school
Paige Sanders, Photography Editor-in-Chief • February 27, 2020

High school is more than text books and balancing several classes at once. It is an exciting time for teenagers to expand their knowledge, grow...

Students from the 2018 trip gather together in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral, smiling excitingly. Notre Dame first started to be built in 1163 and finished in 1345. All this time and a fire destroyed the spirit of France.
Burning of Notre Dame affects trip to France and experience for students
Jordyn Le Vasseur, Layout Editor • May 20, 2019

Notre Dame, a Cathedral church in the heart of France, recently burned down by an accidental construction fire. Next year, French teacher Jacqueline...

Freshman Adrianna Garcia using Instagram, a popular social media app. These apps are most likely to be used by adolescents.
Social media's varying effects on teens
Antonino Garcia, Distributive Reporter • May 16, 2019

Social media is considered a controversial topic now because of the negative outcomes it can produce. These include depression, suicide and dependence...

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