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The student news site of Stillwater Area High School

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The student news site of Stillwater Area High School

The Pony Express

Juniors Chase Johnson and Taylor Young ran for senior representatives back in the beginning of April and were elected at the end of April. They are holding one of their many posters from around the school.

Student Council members have big plans for 2024-2025

Ava Bentdahl, Graphics Editor May 27, 2024

Student council has been around for years. It is a chance to give students a voice in school related issues and the new co-presidents and representatives here at the high school already have some ideas...

The senior sunset is something that brings the senior class together for one last hoorah before they all graduate. This year the sunset was held on May 9.

Senior sunset brings the senior class together before graduation

Mady Richert, Online Editor May 26, 2024

The senior sunset is something that brings the senior class together for one last hoorah before they all graduate on June 1 and go their separate ways. This year the sunset will be held on May 9, in the...

There are many different pathways to choose from after students high school career. One of those paths could be the military. Even then, the military has many different pathways students can go into, including the Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Space Force and more.

Students decide to go into the military, workforce after high school

Amelia Strong, Social Media Editor May 23, 2024

After their high school career, students either decide to go to a private, community college, universities, military, workforce, study abroad or take a gap year. On average the percentage of combined...

Students in French class are on their phones and not focusing on their school work. The students do not have the motivation to get their required work done and do not care enough to stay motivated at the end of the week.

Students care less about school, leading to less motivation

Ava Aspengren, Online Editor May 23, 2024

The willingness to learn and be motivated in students is a diverse topic. All students are different and can learn in different ways. Some teachers feel that setting goals for their students and tying...

One of the many current gigantic landfills in Indonesia is filled with trash that pollute the area around it. This waste is growing faster due to planned obsolescence causing products use life to be shortened.

Planned obsolecence can not be sustained

Gibson Strub, Layout Editor April 20, 2024

Planned Obsolescence is an ethically questioned economic strategy, which is used by many companies where they purposefully make products irreplaceable, unrepairable, or have a shortened life. It all started...

The Young Feminist club meets on Thursdays at 2:25 p.m. in E136. This club focuses on spreading awareness of women in history.

Woman-focused clubs takeover Women’s History Month

Ava Bentdahl, Graphics Editor April 19, 2024

For the past 36 years, during the month of March, women worldwide have been recognized during Women's History Month. Individuals take action during this month to raise awareness about historical instances...

Student Council leads a new BLAST week event called Family Feud in the auditorium on Feb. 14. Inviting five students and five staff to be a part of this event. World history teacher Wayne Perkins and senior Zira Dezell are the next pair to play at this event.

Family Feud replaces BLAST week talent show

This year, the annual school talent show has changed to a fun game show called Family Feud. This event was arranged by the Student Council in regards to last year's talent show. Every year during the week...

Sophomore Ava Wilmes loads up Netflix. The growing accessibility to shows allows her to watch anywhere.

Streaming services have taken over regular networks

Netta Hillegass, Broadcast Field Editor January 29, 2024

Streaming services have been on the rise since the debut of Netflix. All students can talk about is "this show, that show, do you have this service?" As of today, most homes have at least one streaming...

Senior Marissa Fassick watches Netflix on her computer. It is crucial to recognize how our viewing choices affect our well-being and what healthy consumption looks like. 

Emotional affects of what people are watching

Paige Van Duyne, Broadcast Editor January 28, 2024

  As content consumption has skyrocketed since COVID-19, some concerns come with it. From TIkToks to television, engaging in these online media platforms heavily impacts people's emotions whether...

Senior Kaitlyn Ginkel opens the Netflix app on her phone. As the #1 streaming platform in the U.S, Netflix has become the go-to media intake for most teenagers and adults.

Evolution of streaming platforms has shaped society

Gigi Zawislak, Broadcast Editor January 28, 2024

From the compact and tangible DVD to the never-ending media void of Netflix, how people get their media intake has changed dramatically. The history of streaming services is a story of technological innovation,...

Student Lucas Schlichting works at Target, bringing out a cart of groceries for a customer. He works hard, but he is pushing through for the future.

Gen Z’s Mentality of “Quiet Quitting” has negative effects on workplace

Cole Nuss, Layout Editor December 16, 2023

Quiet quitting is term coined by Brian Creely in March of 2022 to describe employees who put in the bare minimum effort into their work until they quit or get fired. This has increased especially with...

A piece of plastic floats in the ocean in California. Long Beach is covered in millions of microplastics and single-use plastics. Most of this waste is created from food products.

Over processed foods cause harm

Belle Lapos, Layout Editor-in-Chief December 15, 2023

In the heart of supermarkets, a silent invasion is taking place. Wrapped in deceptive convenience, overprocessed foods and single-use plastics have joined forces, weaving a tangled web that strangles consumer...

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