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Frontside of the Stillwater High School building
Students and families make choices about public and private education
George Palm, Broadcast Editor • March 1, 2023

Public education or private education is one of the choices students and parents have to decide when going through the education system. With...

The push to ban assault rifles is critical as mass shootings increase by the day as seen in this graphic. Data from
Legislators pushed to ban assault rifles
Paige Van Duyne, Broadcast Editor • February 27, 2023

Legislators are facing pressure to ban assault rifles in the United States. With a rising number of shootings, the push is crucial.  Following...

Students hiding in the corner of a classroom.
Current lockdown protocols outdated, inadequate
Jasmine Z. Allison, Social Media Editor-in-Chief • February 27, 2023

As lockdowns in schools have become a regular occurrence in schools across the country, students have known the school lockdown protocols since...

A large semi-automatic rifle, designed strictly for advanced warfare.
Mass shootings uprise at alarming rate
Leo Whitley, Podcast Reporter • February 27, 2023

Mass shootings are popping up everywhere in America so often, it is hard to even keep track. With new shootings daily, different motives and...

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