The Pony Express

Senior Elly Flaherty and Junior Addie Smitten prepare to start their Nordic ski race, and congratulate Junior Kyle Och on his race he just finished.
Beijing Winter Olympics ready to fight spread of COVID-19, support their athletes
Charli Burdick-Kitchell, Graphic Editor and Copy Editor • February 27, 2022

The Beijing Winter Olympics are the biggest event in 2022 so far. It will boost spirit in a global-wide pandemic and bring countries together...

Womens monobobbing is one of seven new Winter Olympic events. One woman pushes the sled and jumps into it, then steers it down a steep icy path.
Women's monobobbing takes center stage at Winter Olympics
Evelyn Biederman, Photographer and Online Editor • February 26, 2022

The 2022 Winter Olympics will look different this year for viewers and Olympians. The opening ceremony, on Feb. 4, will be held in Beijing and...

Student works on homework on computer at school.
Students deal with stress in new year of school
Shannon Pothen, Layout Editor • January 11, 2022

Every student has felt that feeling, thinking about a test or project that is due tomorrow. Their hands get sweaty, their heartbeat quickens....

The sun shining through the trees early morning after the first snowfall of the 2021 winter season.
Seasonal Affective Depression affects people annually
Sumer Harrington, Photographer and Online Editor • January 10, 2022

The bright Christmas lights strung on trees and in windows represent the season of cheer. During this time, many people see a decline in their...

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