The Pony Express

Quarterback Max Shikenjanski throwing a pass to a receiver

Ponies football team ends fantastic season

Soel Riser, Podcast/Distribution Reporter December 13, 2022

The Stillwater Ponies ended their historical football season after a tough loss to Lakeville South on Nov. 11 in the state quarterfinals. The Ponies show Friday nights that they have really great teamwork...

Student Sara Norton in a field of flowers.

Climate change protests rise in U.K.

Sara J. Norton, Broadcast Editor In Chief December 6, 2022

Climate change is a big problem, but it is only getting worse. England has had significant protests and rioting through the climate change organizations 'Just stop oil' and 'Enough is Enough.' Defacing...

Officer Dave Wynia monitoring the front door before lunch starts.

Police Officer Dave Wynia comes to high school

William Kane , Podcast/Distribution October 25, 2022

Officer Dave Wynia, the newest officer at the school. He took this job because he loves helping the students do the right thing and leading them to success. He attends after school activities whether...

Karina Fischer hits the ball back to her opponent.

Girls varsity tennis team builds for future

Maggie O'Brien , Layout Editor October 25, 2022

The girls varsity tennis team returned only one girl with past varsity experience.  Fourteen senior varsity tennis players graduated off of last year's team.  Twelve of the thirteen players are new to...

Senior player runs the ball during the 1st down.

Class of 2023 wins the annual powderpuff game

Maya Disher, Photography and Copy Editor October 24, 2022

  Coming off an intense win last year, the senior class of 2023 won for the second time, except this year they truly are the "top dogs," as they beat out the junior class of 2024. Powderpuff...

The cover art for overwatch 2 is only online because there is no physical release of the game due to it being free to play.

Overwatch 2 replaces the original on Oct. 4

Jack Higgins, Photography Editor, Online Editor October 24, 2022

Overwatch 2 has not been as popular as Activision expected. Since announcing that the game would come out on Oct. 4, the game has received mixed reviews from gamers and critics play testing the beta.  With...

Group of people holding plaque

Student Leadership Council wins Human Rights Award

Olivia Williams, Podcast Reporter and Distribution Reporter October 22, 2022

The Student Leadership Council was awarded the Humans Rights Award for its efforts to stand up to the oppression of human rights in a nonviolent way. The award was presented to the council and their supervisor...

Deaths caused by gun violence in the U.S. continue to rise. If each year the casualties are becoming greater, why is the government doing nothing to stop it.

Schools impacted by un-strict gun laws

Paige Van Duyne, Broadcast October 21, 2022

In the U.S. alone, 117,000 people get shot and of that 40,000 are killed due to gun violence. Without stricter gun laws put in place, these numbers will continue to rise.   Firearms are the leading...

A student lets a peer into the parking lot exit line after school. Some students dont let anyone into the exit line while some let multiple people into the line.

Parking lot changes leads to less confusion

Belle Lapos , Layout Editor October 20, 2022
Walking out the main doors at 2:10 has drastically changed in the last year. Traffic is no longer backed up for quite as long, new drivers are feeling safer, and there is much more freedom when it comes to choosing where to park. These changes are in result of the new lot system that has taken place over the summer. Whether you are a staff member or student, there is no debate that the chaos of the parking lot last year caused many safety issues. Staff in the school have been working on this new system all summer but have things really changed for the better? 
School parking lot as the day ends and cars coming and going.

Administration changes school parking lot fee structure

Soel Riser and Oren Hamilton October 20, 2022

Over the summer, administration made changes to the parking lot, allowing students to park freely and provide more space for community and staff members to park and use facilities. In order to park...

Newest science teacher Christopher Mentz is now at the high school. Mentz was a long time teacher at Stillwater middle school and has now made the switch.

Christopher Mentz comes to high school from Stillwater Middle School

Reece Bastyr, Social Media Editor October 1, 2022

"A number of years ago when I still had freshmen at the junior high, I had the opportunity to teach chemistry in this accelerated program. I found that I enjoyed the more complex science, and I enjoyed...

Schmit competing in a figures meet vs. Forest lake, on April 12.

Eighth-grade synchronized swimmer Hailey Schmit ranked first in state

Cambrie Cole, Photographer, Distribution June 7, 2022

Hailey Schmit, an eighth-grader competing in girls' synchronized swimming, is maintaining a winning streak this season, placing first in all three-figure meets. Her team placed well altogether in routine...

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