Sherlock Holmes exhibit closes


Photo by Reece Bastyr

The clue room at the Sherlock Holmes exhibit, where people look around for the most loved and famous Sherlock items. This museum is a family-loved tradition by many.

How long was 174 years ago? What was going on in the world? America was not looking the best, but Minnesota was determined to collect, preserve and tell the story of the Land of 10,000 lakes. The Minnesota History Center was established in 1849 and has been a family-loved tradition for many people in this great state. When the Sherlock Holmes exhibit came on October 20, 2022, people were excited to nerd out on the many mysteries it has to offer. Hundreds of families were happy they got to experience the exhibit before it closed on April 4. 

When walking into the Holmes exhibit, one is hit with a change in lighting and feelings. Taken back a hundred years to the art of deductions and scientific reasoning. With hands-on activities all around the exhibit, it was easy to get lost and forget how long one has been there. 

Allison Ortiz, the communications manager of the Minnesota History Center, explained how visitors at the crime scene station can spend 20 minutes or three hours there.

Sherlock Holmes has fans and supporters all around the world, with the exhibit going to 36 states and 19 different counties it is one of the most popular traveling exhibits worldwide. All over the state people came to see Sherlock and the mysteries that the universe has to offer. Around the world, it is enjoyed and it was the same case for Minnesota. 

Ortiz started working when the exhibit started and said, “It has been a very popular exhibit.” She added, “city will get to experience it next.”

Like any other famous series, Sherlock fans are loyal and speak their opinion about their favorite fictional character that may feel real. English teacher Donald Pults a self described “Sherlock nerd”, enjoys the Minnesota history center frequently, and loved how they did the Holmes exhibit. He did have some things they could have done better but mostly all positives.

Some of the interactive stations “were starting to break down” because of the wear from the years but “I loved the direct correlations and the Conan Doyle origins,” Pults said.

Walking into the Minnesota History Center for the first time one is hit with smiles and assistance right away. It is easy to ask questions and get the right answers from anyone there. It is clear that time and effort go into the setup of all of the exhibits for everyone’s satisfaction. 

“Our mission is to enhance people’s understanding of history” and anyone that is there can “hear the school children just being excited about history,” Ortiz said.

One of the best things about being at the Sherlock Museum is visitors are likely to see a superfan. Someone who may be dressed up as Holmes himself or another character. These people put smiles on everyone’s faces as they show their love for the Sherlock universe. 

“We have a ton of people come in costume, typically the Sherlock deerstalker hat and magnifying glass,” Jacob Noll, an employee at the Sherlock exhibit, said.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum was an exciting look into another part of traditions and people’s love for entertainment. Whether it is the story, characters, or mystery that draws people in, the museum will make that love grow stronger. With the interactive stations and the never-ending reading, getting lost in that world was easy. As the exhibit leaves St. Paul, another city will experience it again and maybe soon it will come back around.