Skuzz band tells history

Long time friends come together with their passions and talents to create a dream come true.

two males of the band

Photo by Delaney Johnson

Skuzz band performs around the school and community.

Delaney Johnson, Podcast and Distribution Reporter

Skuzz is a local based band who joined together in their earlier years and experiment around with different sounds, not to mention having that chance to gain the friendship that makes them inseparable from one another.

While they grew together and as a team, they have also made many memories while starting a career, and capturing some gnarly behind the scene moments.

When the band is not working or playing music, they are out listening to somebody else share their musical talents with the world or shredding the streets on their skateboards. They spend their time prioritizing concerts and gigs. They do a lot of venue scouting and looking for opportunities to better themselves as a band, and as people.

“Their dynamics work very well together,” close friend Joe Digiacome said. “Their teamwork is honestly some of the best teamwork that I’ve seen.”

Since they write their own music, and every band has their different process to making that magic sound, we love and know as music, Skuzz seems to have a  straight forward process. When writing they collaborate and bounce numerous ideas off of each other until they find the right beats and sounds for them to write a song. When it comes to them having a show they like to be planned and know what kind of show they are going to play. They will look at the venue that they are going to play at and determine on their own what kind of music they should be playing.

Their first real gig was a house show with a college metal band performing as well, so Skuzz played a metal inspired set. Skuzz is more known for playing more mellow music and the genuine vibe of the room, but they sure do get loud. It takes lots of thought and effort to plan a show, but this band keeps it all organized yet continues to rock the room.

“They play and then absolutely kill it,” Digiacome added.

We’re lucky and grateful to have the people we have this far.

— Logan Reimann

When playing at last year’s Battle of the Bands it seemed to go better than they had expected. When they are up on stage they just embrace the music. The energy in the audience is what brings the band out to keep coming back to perform more for their supporters. Not one show they put on had a low energy crowd, all they give is positive energy and their closest companions to start a miniature mosh pit that charges up the crowd and band all the more.

As Skuzz gains new supporters day to day, that thrive and motivation gets more intense. The band has an ultimate goal to have all the fun, make their music loud, enough to share all the passion they have for music with the world and want to go someplace with it all. They set these goals with a drive beyond them, the pleasure and energy of getting to play and having all that determination to run with them.

“We’re lucky and grateful to have the people we have this far,” Logan Reimann said.

With many long hours and time spent, the band decided to hit pause with their shows and start to focus more on their career. It’s now time for them to pivot into their writing sessions and get serious about music.They are currently working on getting into the studio to work on their EP which they intend to have out on Spotify in the next month. To celebrate their release they are planning a Skuzz Halloween show and getting their gears in motion.

 Skuzz is getting closer to their ultimate goal of becoming a band that can be loud enough to hurt your ear drums and get a crowd roaring. They’ve come far and are expected to go even further with the turn out of things.

“They are such great people and thats what they deserve,” Digicome said.