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Boys lacrosse team hopes to beat Mahtomedi for first time

Boys lacrosse team practices for their upcoming season on the school's turf fields for captain's practice. They consistently work on their passing and catching.

Carina Block, Copy Editor

April 18, 2019

Last season, the boys varsity lacrosse team graduated many key players, but this season they are still going to strive for a record similar to last year's (11-2). This year's captains are seniors Blake Evensen, Ben Carle and Justin Siegfried, along with junior Ty Thureson. The team is lead by...

Students ‘pee’ved over new bathroom security policy

Signs posted outside all bathrooms, warning of the new bathroom use policy.

Pony Express Staff

April 8, 2019

While walking the halls, keep an eye out for the locked bathroom doors with ‘See Something, Say Something’ QR codes taped up over them. Notice kids wearing yellow shirts, sweatshirts and pins. Watch for teachers and security guards who watch back as kids enter the bathroom. All are effects of new rules tha...

Josiah Hill makes a run for State Senate, District 39

Josiah Hill kicked off his campaign Feb. 5. He is running for State Senate to represent residents of District 39.

John Franklin, Copy Editor

March 1, 2019

English teacher Josiah Hill started his campaign for State Senate Jan. 31.  Hill will run for the District 39 seat currently held by Karin Housley, who has held the position since 2012. Hill, who currently teaches English and serves at the St. Croix Education Association Union President, wants to improve t...

‘Ok boomer’ rapidly became a comeback used by Gen Z

Angelina Vang watches an

Annabel Lantz, Photography Editor

January 10, 2019

"Ok boomer" is what younger generations have used as a response to older adults (i.e. The Baby Boomers). "Ok boomer" shows the social divide between older generations and younger. Recently every social media platform blew up with "ok boomer" jokes, especially on Tik Tok and Twitter. "If you are older...

Classic Disney films transcend time

Classic Disney films transcend time

Hannah Boardman, Layout Editor

February 14, 2017 The first Disney movie was released in 1923, and ever since the world could not get enough. Since that cartoon, Walt Disney Studios has released countless popular films and TV shows. Many are considered modern day classics and the term Disney has become i...

Sweet Serendipity

Sweet Serendipity

January 5, 2016

Snapchat rising above old-school text messaging

Tiana Meador, Online Editor

December 24, 2015

As social media continues to pervade every element of day-to-day life, 'older' ways of communicating seem to lose popularity among the current generation. This allows for more exploration of newer interfaces, which seem to be constantly updating how people share their life with the world. One...

Siri Bohachek has bright future in store

Sophomore Siri Bohachek climbs up a hill at the nordic state tournament last year for the girls teams third place finish.

Colin Gray, Reporter

December 24, 2015

The air is cold and creates wisps of breathe that flow through the air. The sudden shifts of movement only makes everything more nerve racking. As seconds are counted down by a coach with a watch in one hand and a starter gun in the other, five girls are lined up next to each other all in different...

Lions Park open to new renovations

The park is the second largest in Stillwater, besides Lake Elmo Park reserve. With all the new housing going into Lake Elmo, this park could be a popular destination for new kids and families. Lion’s Park is also home to Huff N Puff, a popular softball tournament. Ridgway explains,

Justin Hannasch, Print Editor-in-Chief

December 23, 2015

Where can a student go around Stillwater to play baseball, basketball, tennis, volleyball and even ice hockey? Lions Park is one of few. Just a short drive from the high school in downtown Lake Elmo, this 3.2 acre park has been around for quite some time and is currently home to Lake Elmo Basebal...

Boys hockey slams previous state champs

Bennett Friedrich, Sports Layout Editor

December 22, 2015

The 4-0 varsity hockey team got out to an amazing start with a huge win 6-5 over Lakeville North, the defending state champions. The team has a solid offensive structure, clearly demonstrated against Lakeville. But no team achieves a great status without significant work. "I think we started off pr...



December 18, 2015

Andrew Weaver brings fun to biology

Biology teacher at SAHS for 25 years, Andrew Weaver cracks a joke as he installs trail cameras with his first hour AP Environment Science class. The class is installing 4 cameras in the Environmental Learning Center,

Andrew Weigel, Online Photographer

December 17, 2015

From a quick first glance, the room appears cluttered. Then after further inspection, it comes to light that everything is in it's place, there are just so many things in so many different places, that it appears disorganized. There are taxidermy mounts along the back wall and hanging from the ...

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