Presidential candidates should meet a maximum age limit

Presidential candidates should have to meet a maximum age limit to be elected. One must follow many rules to become president of the United States of America, such as a minimum age limit of 35 years. If there is a minimum age limit then there should be a maximum.

The average age of presidents in the United States is 55, which is an appropriate age. In 2021 the average lifespan of a male was 73.5 years. However, President Joe Biden was 78 years old at his inauguration. If dying of old age is a possibility during a term, those persons should not be allowed to run for president.

Some argue that it is hard for Presidents to find their way and make a difference during their four years in office. Especially if it is to be cut short by a timely death. If a President were to die due to old age, their vice president would take over. We have systems set in place for this occurrence, however, it does not make it easy to do a good job. Hence, the importance of preventing something such as this.

“Ronald Reagan, I think, was in his 80s in his second term. And obviously, he lost some ability during the second term,” Matt Kiedrowski, U.S. History teacher explained.

President Biden has done quite a few wonderful things for this country and earned his position as President fair and square. However, he is a perfect example of what age does to one’s ability as President.

Ronald Reagan, I think, was in his 80s in his second term. And obviously, he lost some ability during the second term.

— Matt Kiedrowski

President Biden does have a stutter, but he often interrupts himself, spirals off-topic and does not fully answer questions. All that and more, President Biden is only in his first term. It is believed that cognitive decline slowly begins at around 45 years of age, but starts to decline faster between 65-70 years old. President Biden has surpassed those ages and it shows.

Freshman Sophia Amundgaard explained that if she had to place a maximum age limit for presidential candidates, it would be the age of 70.

There should be a maximum age limit of 75. If a candidate would turn 75 during their term, they should not be allowed to run. 75 is a quality maximum age limit because the candidates would be below the average lifespan of 76 (for both males and females). A maximum age limit of 75 provides some leeway for those not affected by their age but still allows for a cutoff for persons that are affected by age.

Some have argued that placing a maximum age limit would take away voter freedom.

“All you’re doing is just taking the power from the people with one more law,” Kiedrowski explained.

He elaborated and said that if the people don’t feel that a candidate is fit for the job, then they simply won’t vote for them.

With that point of view, some could argue that the minimum age limit of 35 also takes away voter freedom. It has been deemed that those under 35 are either not responsible, matured or just not qualified enough to be president. The same goes for most over the age of 75. People over the age of 75 are less connected with the youth of the nation, current ideologies, and are generally less put together. While those are generalized statements, they are extensively true. If there is a minimum age limit then a maximum could also be put into action.