Chris Lauer fills seat for school board


Screenshot of school board April 11.

The school board members partake in a study session to discuss changing the start times of schools and yearlong calendar. This is not the first time that the school board has considered this.

Chris Lauer, a member of the Partnership Plan board, has been selected to fill the open school board seat in place of his predecessor, Eva Lee. Lauer was on the Stillwater Planning Commission, a volunteer group of township residents who plan land development and zoning issues for nine years before moving on to the Partnership Plan. 

Lauer believes he is a good fit for the position due to his outstanding work ethic. He describes himself as a man who likes to get his hands dirty, enjoying the hard work it takes to make a change. 

“I like being involved in things, watching things grow, helping build them,” Lauer said. “I think this [position] is a good fit for me.”

These qualities make for a strong school board member, as the board is responsible for the majority of the school districts future. However, vast changes to the districts future are not solely made by this group of board-elects. 

Unknown to some, the teacher’s union does a lot to support the school board.  Come board election time, the teacher’s union works diligently to screen and select the candidates they feel best fit for the position, endorsing them.

When asked what qualities the union looks for when screening the candidates, Brandon Auge, Vice President of the teacher’s union, said, “certainly a willingness to learn and listen expertise.”

Additionally, Auge believes it is important to elect members who support his idea of, “a collective we,” meaning, candidates who are willing to listen and remain curious, especially in of the charged political environment the world is facing as of recent. 

I feel he has a solid understanding of the role of the school board and has proven abilities working collaboratively with fellow board members.

— Alison Sherman

Alison Sherman, a School Board Chair, reported Lauer was chosen for his strong experience operating on governance boards.

I feel he has a solid understanding of the role of the school board and has proven abilities working collaboratively with fellow board members,” Sherman said about why Lauer is the right fit for this position. “I am looking forward to adding his perspective in the school board’s work,” added. 

Lauer’s day-to-day job consists of having a few board meetings with his fellow board members and always keeping up with what is going on and what is needed in the future.

“The actual physical work part of it mostly consists of meetings. You are getting together as a group a couple of times a month and that is where we do the, you know, heavy lifting,” Lauer explained.

Lauer feels like the school board is important to the school system. And rightfully so. Lauer says the board is not only important, but a vital part of the school system because there needs to be an organization. He believes without a well-intentioned group of individuals to oversee the school and make sure that students get all the opportunities they can, the district as a whole would fall into chaos.

“It obviously serves as an organizational body to make sure that there is an overarching system in place so that there is a consistent message. This ensures everybody gets the opportunity to learn,” Auge said.

Ambitious leaders are exactly the type of people a district needs in their head of coordination. Lauer seems to be a strong fit for this position, and hope to see him be elected to a more permanent position later this year, in November.