Madelyn Elzen shares baking business throughout community


Photo by Lavender Schleder

Junior Madelyn Elzen brings her green vanilla chocolate chip cake to school to share with some of her friends in choir. Through her contribution, she is bringing her fellow students together and making choir a more welcoming place.

Lavender Schleder, Social Media Editor

Junior Madelyn Elzen owns a baking business called Mooing Munchies. One of her main ways of selling her baked goods is by going around the school, carrying her box filled with treats and selling them to fellow students.

From the large variety Elzen has, some of the favorites among students are her strawberry cookies, cake pops and iced shortbread cookies. Besides this, she also makes cakes, candy, pastries, cupcakes and more than a dozen flavors of cookies.

Elzen did not just start baking recently though. She began at 8-years-old, watching Food Network and other cooking shows with her family throughout her childhood and taking an interest in the activity.

“It was kind of just the next step that I would end up baking,” Elzen said. “I’ve just been doing it for so long that I’ve gotten good enough to where I feel confident in selling my products.”

One of Elzen’s primary places for selling her products is in both Belle Chanter and the Stillwater Concert Choir, which Elzen also participates in. The students enjoy being able to be there for and encourage her, along with getting to try some of her tasty treats.

“It just shows how supportive as a choir we are towards her,” senior Ashanti Murray said.

An example of this is when the Belle Chanter Choir went on tour in Chicago during the month of April. She made a presentation beforehand of a special deal she was giving to students to spend $15 for two cookies from eight different flavors per day during the trip. It instantly became popular within the group, over 75% of the students participated. It was a huge step towards her classmates becoming aware of her business.

Besides students, teachers are also impressed with her successful business. She has made desserts for her teacher’s weddings and baby showers, along with giving them some during class. Choir teacher Katelyn Larson has immensely enjoyed her desserts since the first time she tried them.

“It was one of her cake pops that she was selling to students, but she just gave me one kindly and it was amazing,” Larson said. “It was so good that I asked to buy another one the next day and bring them home!”

Being able to help bring joy and connection between others is very rewarding for Elzen. She is doing good for her community while also expressing creativity and passion through something she loves. It is a great motivator for becoming an even better baker.

“When I get home, and I have a free moment, you best believe I am going to be spending it baking,” Elzen said. “It’s like a huge stress reliever for me. And it’s something that I know that I’m really good at and it just makes me really happy.”

Elzen’s business has really impacted her life in so many different aspects. She hopes to have a future in baking, maybe owning her own bakery one day and being able to spread that joy to all of those who try her desserts.

“She will be super successful if she decides to go into this as a profession,” Larson said, “because she’s awesome.”