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Students collaborate to come up with the main topics that were discussed in the first Voices of Change session. The conference was split up into three sessions; each session they could pick a different topic to talk about in a small group. During the last hour everyone came together to come up with the most prevalent issues to change.

Voices of Change Conference ignites new ideas

Pony Express Editors-in-Chief March 10, 2024

The Voices of Change Conference is a collaborative meeting and workshop-based conference that is led by Cornelius Rish and the Student Leadership Council (SLC) during BLAST week. It was held in the school...

The Animal Awareness Club meets every other Wednesday in biology teacher Sarah Bartlett’s room. This week they made dog toys to donate to animal shelters in the community. The club promotes the wellness of animals by spreading information and taking an active approach to help animals in Stillwater.

Animal Awareness Club barks back at animal cruelty

Cody Rasch, Photography Editor March 10, 2024

The Animal Awareness Club is a club new to Stillwater. The members strive to find exciting new ways to promote animal wellness and help the animals in the community at local shelters. They donate not only...

Band Bagel Hole plays War Pigs by Black Sabbath at the Battle of the Bands on Feb. 16. Five bands came together to compete for fun and play some music.

Musicians make Battle of the Bands a huge hit for performers, audience

Ian Lunneborg, Video Editor March 10, 2024

The annual Battle of the Bands is an event where musicians can come together and show an audience how well they can play. Every year the event draws in attendees from every grade to see what the bands...

Participants after the annual Culture Runway Show wave their countrys flag with pride. Students partake in a Cultural Runway show and represent their countries. The audience saw a variety of traditions, dances and clothing practiced among their peers.

Cultural Runway Show held during BLAST week, promotes inclusivity, diversity among students

Shea Denning, Broadcast Editor March 8, 2024

As students scurry to finish any final touches, the chatter among students and teachers in the audience seems to silence their own voices behind the curtain. An energetic, The Cultural Runway show...

Student Council leads a new BLAST week event called Family Feud in the auditorium on Feb. 14. Inviting five students and five staff to be a part of this event. World history teacher Wayne Perkins and senior Zira Dezell are the next pair to play at this event.

Family Feud replaces BLAST week talent show

This year, the annual school talent show has changed to a fun game show called Family Feud. This event was arranged by the Student Council in regards to last year's talent show. Every year during the week...

Sophmores Rhaya Bastyr and Marla Brandt are the owners of B Nails. Their goal is to start a nail business more affordable for teens.

Rhaya Bastyr and Marla Brandt start their nail business

Lainey Zinda, Social Media Editor March 7, 2024

A small business can be a hard operation to start up, but two sophmores brought their vision to life and are the perfect example of creativity and determination. They had an idea and have worked hard to...

Freshman Elena Metzger stands with her projects that got her to win grand champion in the art fair. Metzger won grand champion of the art fair, second place in photography, and first place in multimedia.

Elena Metzger won grand champion at Da Vinci Fest

Amelia Strong, Social Media Editor March 7, 2024

Freshman Elena Metzger won grand champion of the art fair, second place in photography and art and first place in multimedia at the Da Vinci Fest. Metzger started art when she was around five years...

The library during passing time between the first and second hour of the day is half filled with PSEO and senior students. Some of these students are currently taking senior electives, which they spend in the school library.

Getting rid of senior electives will negatively impact students

Briana Barreiro, Online Editor March 6, 2024

In these past few months, school administration has been discussing new scheduling ideas such as block scheduling, different start times and more. This conversation has led to them going on back and forth...

Junior Drew Martin looks at a comparison of the posters of both the original and remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This remake is one that many loved just as much as the original.

Remakes are destorying film industry’s creativity

Jayda Boutchee, Copy Editor March 6, 2024

Remakes have always been a part of Hollywood, averaging 19 movie remake releases a year. With so many movie remakes many ask the question as to whether Hollywood has run out of creativity. Rather than...

The student vs. teacher basketball game was held on Feb. 23 The students lost in OT in a very close game against the teachers. The final score of the game was 62-60.

Students played teachers in basketball game

Mady Richert, Online Editor March 5, 2024

  The student teacher basketball game is something that many people in the building look forward to each year. The basketball game was held on Feb. 23 in the Pony Activities Center main gym....

Senior Abbey Savelkoul, senior Zoe Chase, junior Liby Quast, senior Chloe Stanton and senior Ava Biederman about to get ready for the gymnastics state championship at Wilkins Auditorium Feb. 24. The team has worked hard to get to this point and are ready to give everything they have got into this final hurrah.

Gymnastics team works through tough season

Cole Nuss, Layout Editor March 4, 2024

White powdery chalk dust fills the air. Fans and teammates cheer loudly. Judges jot down notes as they decide their final scores. Individuals work hard in their events to get as many points as possible....

Chris Otto has been instated as acting Principal for the eight weeks of Bachs leave. She brings over 28 years of experience as a counselor and administrator.

Chris Otto serves as acting principal in Bach’s absence

Adelaide Bielke, Broadcast Editor March 4, 2024

On Feb. 5, Chris Otto started her time as acting principal being the temporary replacement for Principal Rob Bach, who underwent knee surgery. Bach is out for eight weeks recovering from a knee replacement...

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