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Junior Paige Klemenhagen wins first place at MN NATS competition

Junior Paige Klemenhagen and her audition for the MN NATS competition.
Mackenzie Vang, Podcast Recorder January 19, 2021

Junior Paige Klemenhagen recently won first place at the MN NATS competition. The NATS stands for “National Association of Teachers of Singing”, one of the largest professional associations of teachers...

Doe serves as Interim Principal at Brookview

Gina Doe, the new Interim Principal at Brookview Elementary reads to the Pre-schoolers, as she gets to know the students.
Sophia Agnessi, Reporter January 18, 2021

In December of 2020, Gina Doe took the position of Interim Principal at Brookview elementary school. Brookview is one of Stillwater’s many elementary schools and is also the newest. In this time of Covid...

Dr. Colleen Bertsch to take over as interim Concert Orchestra director

Dr. Colleen Bertsch is announced as the interim Concert Orchestra director for third quarter. In an email sent to students in Concert Orchestra, she gave an introductory message.
Alex Steil, Online Editor-in-Chief January 18, 2021

Principal Rob Bach sent an email to members of the Concert Orchestra on Jan. 13, announcing that Dr. Colleen Bertsch will be the interim music director during third quarter. Bertsch is an adjunct lecturer...

Dr. Jill Biden shall not concede to Epstein’s request to remove ‘Dr.’ from her title

On Dec. 11, Joseph Epstein wrote an op-ed article for the Wall Street Journal requesting Dr. Jill Biden remove the 'Dr.' from her title. The story comes off as misogynistic and disdainful towards Biden and her title.
Elaina Mankowski, Layout Editor-in-Chief January 18, 2021

Dr. Jill Biden should not drop the ‘doctor’ from her title regardless of the opinion of Joseph Epstein. Epstein’s op-ed article in the Wall Street Journal was misogynistic and discretionary towards...

School board approves Lansfeldt’s one-year contract

Superintendent Malinda Lansfeldt speaks during the Dec. 17 from prepared speech.
Alex Steil, Online Editor-in-Chief December 23, 2020

After two weeks of political and volatile reactions from the community, the School Board approved a motion on Dec. 17 to offer a one-year contract to hire Interim Superintendent Malinda Lansfeldt beyond...

School Board prioritizes safety in new learning model decision

The school board, as well as student council leaders, met via zoom on Nov. 5. to make the distance learning decision. After a long discussion, the board decided that distance learning will take effect starting Nov. 16.
Olivia Bystrom, Broadcast Editor-in-Chief December 14, 2020

Much like last year, the in-person learning model must come to an end. With Washington County’s rapidly rising cases of Covid-19, and over 6,000 confirmed cases in total and climbing, the safety of schools...

Many wrestlers may not achieve their goals due to COVID-19

Roman Rogotzke at team State against the Wildcats.
Harper Estenson, Podcast Reporter December 11, 2020

After taking second to the Shokapee Sabers for two years in a row, Stillwater is ranked number one for the first time on The Guillotine.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Stillwater wrestling may not get...

Joseph’s Restaurant hanging on with the help of community

A Joseph’s customer (left) is having her food for curbside pickup handed to her by Mary Kohler (right) of Joseph’s. Many will recognize this situation, as curbside pickup has become a more popular way of ordering food from restaurants in the time of the pandemic.
Alexander Lamsam, Podcast Reporter December 11, 2020

“I don't think that closing bars, bars and restaurants, I don't think closing them was the answer. I think he could restrict our hours, you know, keep us at 50 percent. Do anything else but closing us...

Volleyball team plays during covid with adversity they have to overcome

Volleyball team wins their final home game against Forest Lake in 4 sets.
Erik Houle, Video Editor December 11, 2020

In 2020, the volleyball team struggled to play during covid. They only played 13 games instead of the traditional 30 games so there was a lot less time to compete. This made it very difficult to get any...

Dancers are effected by the change of season

The Chevals Varsity Dance team practices via zoom since the covid-19 restrictions doesn't allow them to rehearse in person. This impacts  each dancer differently from seniors to middle schoolers.
Sophia Agnessi, Layout Editor December 9, 2020
The Chevals Varsity Dance team practices via zoom since the covid-19 restrictions doesn't allow them to rehearse in person. This impacts each dancer differently from seniors to middle schoolers.

Student athletes struggle with the winter season as four-week pause takes place

Restrictions on public areas such as community centers and training facilities are closed off from public to decrease spread of covid. This makes it difficult for athletes and coaches to gather for their seasons.
Mackenzie Vang, Podcast Reporter December 9, 2020

As the winter sports season resumes, student athletes and coaches face wearisome situations regarding group training and games. The four week pause, issued on Nov. 18 has delayed many events for the winter...

Nurses reveals how covid affects patients

Nurse Amy Graham on a more relaxing day. She hopes things can be this way again soon, for the sake of her patients.
Joshua Bove, Online Editor December 9, 2020

One nurse at the University of MN Cancer Center knows what it is like to be at the other end of that world-shattering diagnosis.   “I had kidney cancer when I was 15,” Amy Graham explained. “And...

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