Transfer of presidential power necessary for peace


Photo submitted by Sophia Pietan

Members of Stillwater’s Young Democrats make cookies for the Vice Presidential debate. The Young Democrats watched the debate to be educated and learn more about their candidates Vice President. It is important to stay educated on politics by watching, reading, or listening to the news.

America’s future is riding on the election results of Nov. 3 and the direction our leaders will take. Many Americans believe with the division the country is experiencing, that a peaceful transition of power is unfortunately doubtful.  The deep divide between the Democratic and Republican parties has created controversy on the ideas of what people think is best for the future of America. With the election of the next President, Americans are concerned about how the possible transition of power will take place. Many Americans believe Trump will act out based on the results, whether refusing to accept the results as valid, involving his lawyers, or just verbally expressing his rage. No matter the magnitude, it is irresponsible for either one of the candidates to reject the true election outcome.

As a result, Americans are tense as speculations arise on Trump’s reaction towards the election results. Nov. 3, marks the official date of the United States Presidential Election. This is the 59th Quadrennial Presidential Election, which will decide the fate of America for the next four years. When the President was asked if he would commit to a peaceful transfer of power depending on the possible victory of Biden, Trump appeared uncertain.

“Well, we’ll have to see what happens. You know that,” Trump said in a White House news conference, leading people to question his future actions.

Junior, and member of Stillwater Young Dems, Sophia Pietan explained how, “If Trump loses, he is definitely going to put up a fight. I think he’s going to say the election was rigged and come up with a lot of excuses. This means he will probably resist stepping down,” as controversy about Trump’s reaction rises.

Trump claims the election could be rigged due to an alteration in voting methods this year, such as the increase in mail-in ballots. Many American’s speculate how smooth and peaceful the step down from office will occur if Biden claims victory. 

Furthermore, Presidents since 1797 peacefully handed over their power, however, in order to continue the successful transition of power this year, both Biden and Trump need to cooperate. With the pandemic and racial tension, more stress has been put on the election, reporting an increase in stress among black adults from 46% in 2016 to 71% in 2020. 

“I would say  the division will definitely impact in terms of who shows up to vote…I do think it’s likely that there’ll be some, at the very least, isolated incidents where there’s dispute and fights or arguments outside of polling centers. But I hope that it’s not something that spills over into multiple city blocks,” history teacher, Ryan Miller, explained.

With the increased tension in this election, it would not be surprising to see even more division in America. Each of the candidates have addressed controversial issues, such as Coronavirus and racial inequality, in different ways and as a result, views on civic issues are changing.

A needed response from both Trump and Biden should be, Of course, I’m going to respect the constitution and transfer overpower on Inauguration Day. I think that that will go a very long way.

— Ryan Miller

Nevertheless, Trump and Biden have yet to confirm if they will peacefully concede the race when either one loses the election.

When asked if there will be a peaceful transition, Trump replied with, “We’ll see.”

Similar to Trump’s response, Biden claims the only way he loses is if there has been chicanery within the election. In order for there to be a peaceful transition of power, Trump and Biden need to accept their fate, win or lose.  

“I think a big thing to ensure stability within the transition of power would just be clarity of language within the candidates. Directly addressing some of the issues instead of dancing around and avoiding important questions… A needed response from both Trump and Biden should be, Of course, I’m going to respect the Constitution and transfer overpower on Inauguration Day. I think that that will go a very long way,” Miller added.

For the President to imply there is no chance he will be voted out of the office is concerning to many Americans. Biden also needs to accept the fact that a loss in this election is solely not based on chicanery. However, Biden did clarify he will accept the election results, something Trump has yet to state. 

However, the upcoming election has been named the Election that could break America. The division in our country has grown in many ways surrounding political issues. With the election, it is nearly 50/50, and with the ongoing pandemic, there has been a large rise in mail-in ballots. This is controversial because some feel these ballots will be rigged or mis-counted, risking the credibility of the election. Nonetheless, half of the country does not get their top pick and will want credible proof of the results.

Senior Sam Kane explained how no matter what, the election is a close one. There is no one president everyone likes. While it is close she doesn’t think a recount will be needed. 

While there is still no certainty about the next president, mail – in ballots and early voting have increased and these votes are considered credible. On Nov. 3, Americans are normally informed on the announcement of the next American President.  It is now apparent that America will have to wait longer this year to learn who that will be.  

Even when given all of the evidence, there are always two sides to a story. Many Americans feel Trump’s words are being used “out of context” and he will peacefully transfer power if he is voted out. It is valid for people to be on Trump’s behalf when dealing with election results. Often, Trump does not always act on his words. He tends to emotionally express his planning and opinions verbally rather than physically. The many supporters of Trump believe he can lead the country to greatness, giving him support on his words and actions. 

Despite the outcomes of the election, it is apparent that all Americans want the same outcome from the leader of the country. People desire a strong commander who will reunite all and stand for what they believe in, leading to the healing of America. To help the transition of power occur smoothly, take part in voting. Find ways to be politically active around your community if you are not yet of age to vote. Small contributions help make America great. Vote in future elections to make your voice heard, and never hold discrimination against those of different views. In the end, hatred only brings division and what America desperately needs is unity.