U.S. should move towards renewable energy


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Walmart off of Hudson Rd, Woodbury and other businesses have installed electric charging systems in their parking lot. These business support the change to clean energy.

Although cutting other countries off from U.S. trade of oil and gas sales and letting the U.S. make their own oil would be an effective strategy to become more self-sufficient as a country. The U.S. should move towards renewable energy sources because it is better for the environment and it would allow us to keep our distance and stop trade with countries we do not align with politically.

With the recent invasion of Ukraine and the reliance on Russia for oil in many countries around the world, the U.S. has seen gas and oil prices rise. Because of this reliance on other countries, the U.S.’ own citizens have felt the effects. A move to renewable energy sources would create less reliance on these fossil fuels and on other countries.

To switch to renewable energy and move away from trade with countries we do not align with politically would help the U.S. to be more independent and not continue to fund countries that do not have the same political goals as us.

“We’re seeing gas prices go up significantly now because 11% of the world’s oil is created in Russia and we put an embargo on it and stopped it,” history and economics teacher Michael Puhrmann said.

The U.S. relies heavily on countries like Russia or the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that provide a large supply of the world’s oil. Both of these countries do not have the same political agendas in the sense that they are not democracies and the UAE has a major lack of human’s rights, especially women’s rights. To continue trade with them is to support political ideas that align with what the U.S. supports.

Another factor of the moving to renewable energy sources is protecting the environment and stopping the ever growing problem of climate change. Non renewable sources such as oil, gas and coal which means that there is a limited supply because they can take millions of years to form. These choices create carbon emissions, which negatively impacts the environment and the atmosphere.

“People excessively use resources without realizing that they’re not unlimited,” senior Margaret Swenson explained.

People excessively use resources without realizing that they’re not unlimited.

— Margaret Swensen

Moving to renewable energy sources would protect these limited resources the world has while also improving the environment.  By moving away from fossil fuels, the U.S. would also help protect the land that our nation sits on.

Citizens also could be impacted in their own personal finance by even switching to clean energy sources. There are many sources that people can move to renewable energy in their own home such as solar panels and more energy efficient appliances.

The cost of solar panels upfront “would be significant, but the savings over time would make up for that,” personal finance teacher Phil Schut said. “Also there are many rebates and credits available to people who choose to switch to renewable energy resources, helping to cover the cost.”

Even though it does cost some in more ways to be green the government should be able to give incentives such as tax rebates for people to switch to renewable energy sources in their own home.

Although there are many reasons why the U.S. should switch to renewable energy sources, some still believe that the U.S. should switch just to oil produced in the U.S. This is a valid argument because it would continue to support the U.S. economy while stopping trade with countries we don’t align with. Even though that is valid, switching to renewable energy sources would not only allow for the U.S. to move away from countries we do not align with, it would allow the U.S. to become more environmentally conscious. Switching to renewable energy solves two problems at once.

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