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The student news site of Stillwater Area High School

The Pony Express

The student news site of Stillwater Area High School

The Pony Express

Band RNS plays I I want you back by the Jackson 5 at Coffee House. Seniors Kiran Kumaran, Joseph Casell, Caleb Cabede, Julian Schwendemen, Michael May and sophpomore Owen Cosgrove are pictured from right to left plaing the saxophone, electric guitar, trumpet, trombone, drum set and pianos respectively. The band plays on stage under a sign that reads coffeehouse .

NHS Coffee House, performance with a purpose

Katie Kangas, Layout Editor-In-Chief May 29, 2022

Each spring, the National Honor Society (NHS) hosts a Coffee House event to bring the community together and raise funds for a relevant charity, natural disaster or crisis. The event includes acts with...

A red electric car is hooked up to a charging station outside of Walmart off of Hudson Road in Woodbury, MN.

U.S. should move towards renewable energy

Katie Kangas, Layout Editor-In-Chief April 26, 2022

Although cutting other countries off from U.S. trade of oil and gas sales and letting the U.S. make their own oil would be an effective strategy to become more self-sufficient as a country. The U.S. should...

Junior Sara Norton gets gas at the Kwik Trip in Oak Park Heights on March 23. Gas was $3.99/gallon at this location.

Gas prices skyrocket unlike ever before

Mikai Tasch, Social Media Editor-in-Chief and Copy Editor April 19, 2022

On Feb. 24 at approximately 10 p.m., Russian missiles and airstrikes were sent throughout Ukraine, including the capital Kyiv. As a result of the actions taken by Putin, various countries, including the...

Junior Lydia Mcfarlane putting money towards a lent offering going to Ukraine

Community members support Ukraine

Allie Schlagel, Layout Editor April 17, 2022

"I think our community just in general, needs to start pushing for more conversation, because I know a lot of people are aware this is happening, but there isn't a lot of action towards doing anything...

Protestors in New York show their support for Ukraine after recent Russian invasion. The protestors dress in shades of blue and yellow to honor the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Ukraine’s history with Russia leads to conflict

Sophia Arndt, Photography Editor-in-chief and Copy Editor April 15, 2022

Ukraine, though a relatively new country, has had a turbulent history. Ukraine established their independence in 1991, after the fall of the Soviet Union. Unlike other states, Ukraine was not a country...

Graphic by Clara Illka

U.S. involvement in Ukraine

Kenzie Monson April 4, 2014

Currently undergoing its way is a possible world war starting at the heart of Ukraine in the city of Crimea. The leader of Ukraine, Viktor F. Yanukoyvch, abandoned his post last month and is now the leader...

Graphic by Drew Maiers

Ukrainian government too heavily influenced by Russia

Ryan Longnecker January 30, 2014

In a country where the average person only makes about $7 thousand a year, a declining economy, and a possibly corrupt president, Ukraine had a glimmer of hope and progress. That hope and progress was...

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