Alison Bergmann rides her way to victory


Photo submitted by Cambrie Cole

Junior Alison Bergmann, with the horse that made her the World Champion.

“She’s confident, calm and doesn’t freak out when a horse does something stupid,” senior Marit Hegstad said, as she described her friend and fellow competitor.

Junior Alison Bergmann attended last season’s World Championship Horse Show. The competition took place in Fort Worth, Texas last June. It featured riders from around the world that participated in a variety of events.

“I have countless awards but my biggest one is World Champion Hunter Under Saddle,” Alison explained.

Alison has traveled to many places for horse shows due to her passion for the sport. She has mostly traveled around Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Texas.

Alison’s mother Colleen Bergmann added that Texas was the most memorable award because it was the biggest prize.

Alison’s passion for riding horses started at a young age as a result of her mother training horses. Alison was never phased by the danger of riding and attributed her success to her devotion.

“Even when a animal that big does something so stupid, she doesn’t get scared. She keeps pushing,” Colleen added.

Alison did not win her first show, but she kept pushing. She pushed her horse while training and during shows to improve for their future competitions.

Colleen worked with Alison often to train her horse, “her biggest achievement was getting onto a horse that was not talented out of the gate, she pushed that horse,” she explained. 

Combined with her six years of experience and help from Colleen, Alison has decided to try more challenging horses. Despite her world champion status, Alison proved that she can continue to improve her skills.

“I’ve been on the same horse for six years now… we know each other like the back of our hands, but trying something new here and there teaches you what that animal can do. I can go into shows with a different outlook,” Alison said.

Colleen has spent countless hours watching and coaching Alison. She emphasized the risk of riding horses. Alison has a small figure, but regularly deals with animals much larger than her.

“I’m happy to see her take a passion of mine and keep pushing to love the ride, but it does give me anxiety. Sometimes I have to walk away and take a deep breath to be able to keep watching,” Colleen added.

The horse shows have become more competitive as Alison has aged, but Colleen was there to support Alison, as well as to push her. 

“She never gets scared when she jumps on to that horse, her only focus is winning and coming home a winner,” Colleen explained.

Alison’s next goal is to attend the World Show. Her love for the sport and for animals continues to inspire her to improve and compete at a higher level.

Alison has always wanted to go to the World Show, “the one main reason I want to go is because of the puppy aisle which seems so fun,” she said with a smile.

“I have already faced big challenges in my riding career, but no matter what challenges I have to face from here on out, I’m ready to do it,” Alison added.