Students dress it down at homecoming

Sonia Moran, Photographer

Homecoming week is full of students competing over their pony pride. Students sometimes wonder why homecoming is not as formal as it is at other schools. The point of homecoming week is to show school pride in any way possible. However, there can be some discretion used when it comes to dress.

During homecoming week, there are five days with five different themes. Students dress up for each theme to show off their pony pride. Team members from different sport teams dress up in daisy dukes and a western flannel during western day.  While they are able to get away wearing only two pieces of clothing, girls get dress coded for showing their shoulders on any given day. Dress coding is when a student gets in trouble for not wearing enough clothing, showing too much skin, or wearing something offensive. Students should be allowed to go all out during spirit week, but there should also be some restrictions on what to wear.

Depending on administrators, some schools are more relaxed on the dress code for spirit weeks, while other schools are more strict on the dress code policies they provide for students. Junior Noah Kneeskurn said, “Wearing daisy dukes on western day has been a tradition throughout the years, it doesn’t feel like a big deal to wear daisy dukes because we wear short shorts while we run.”

Other schools such as Mahtomedi High School have traditions for their sport teams to dress a certain way for each day of spirit week. Homecoming at most schools has one goal, and that is to show the pride each student has for their school. Dress codes should not hinder this. High school students should know what is appropriate to wear and what is inappropriate.

Junior Morgan Reinholdson said, “It doesn’t matter what the other students wear during spirit week, just as long as it is appropriate enough to wear to school.”

Students can still dress up and show pride. They can still uphold traditions as well, just do it appropriately. Some students also believe that since our school has a homecoming dance, it should be more dressed up, like a prom.

At the homecoming dance, the dress code was formal. Girls wore in long, fancy dresses and guys wore expensive suits. Reinholdson said,”The dance is not supposed to be like prom, prom is the one day where students can pay a lot of money to dress in the best way they can.”

The dance is not supposed to be like prom, prom is the one day where students can pay a lot of money to dress in the best way they can.”

— Morgan Reinholdson

The homecoming dance is not a prom. Girls do not need to go to the salon to get their hair and nails done. They don’t need to spend $25-$50 on a spray tan. Also, guys do not need to go to the mall and buy a $200 tuxedo. They should just be able to go to the mall and pick out a casual, yet nice, outfit, if they do not have one already.

Spirit week is for enjoying the first couple weeks of school. It brings the students together for one week of the school year. Students should not need to worry about dress codes while they try to show off their school pride.