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Possibilities to create prom alternative

Seniors Jenna Yingling, Annika Brown, and Catherine Monty before prom 2019. The girls were very excited for the big night.

Natalie Williams, Photography Editor

May 1, 2020

As COVID-19 rips throughout the world, the cancellation and delayment of events are an everyday occurance. However, the cancellation of one occasion is devastating teenagers around Minnesota. One of the most looked forward to events every year, prom, is cancelled. All year, juniors and seniors in hig...

Prom: more than just a dance

The Myth Live event center plans to host prom on May 2. The Myth is a modern, general-admission venue for rock, alternative, electronic and hip-hop acts.

Jack Taverna, SNO Sports Center and Social Media Editor

April 3, 2020

Prom was supposed to be held May 2 for juniors and seniors at the Myth Live before the COVID-19 pandemic happened. Planning had been in the works for months and students were excited.  Senior Holden Hammerlund explained he was excited to hang out with his friends, get food and then have fun at the prom. Prom ...

The 9/10 formal gives underclassmen opportunities

The 9/10 Formal traditionally offers a photo booth included in the ticket cost. Sophomores Nick Congdon and Olivia Bystrom, then freshmen, pose at the 2018 9/10 Formal.

Elsa Persson, Online Editor

May 9, 2019

A classic high school tradition, prom, is quickly approaching. Students worldwide look forward to it as an extravagant cultural element of their high school careers. Though the majority of juniors and seniors attend, sophomores and freshmen mostly miss out on the opportunity simply due to their age....

Annual junior/senior prom “prom”ises greatness

The annual junior/senior prom will be held on May 4 at the Myth Live in Maplewood. Many students look forward to dressing up and hanging out with friends.

Taylor Lee, Distribution Reporter

May 4, 2019

After a long year of tests, quizzes, and a lot of busy work, it is finally time for students to celebrate a job well done. What better way than to attend the annual junior/senior prom. Prom will be held at the Myth Live in Maplewood, similar to the past few years. It will be held on May 4 from 7 - 11...

Prom dress Facebook groups necessary

The Facebook group titled “SAHS Prom Dress 2019” was established Jan. 13 by senior Hannah Sween. The group is open to anyone who plans on attending prom or that would like to sell used dresses.

Taylor Lee, Distributive Reporter

March 7, 2019

Dress Special Teenagers love prom, it is a fact of nature. They love getting their nails and hair done, picking out glitzy shoes, elaborate and very public prom proposals and most of all, they love having their own unique prom dress. Within the last decade, with the rise of social media, teenagers...

“Wait, are you the Rock girl?” Katie Kelzenberg’s promposal garners big attention

Kelzenberg poses with the Rampage sign before watching the movie with 11 close friends.

Photo Courtesy: Allied Integrated Marketing & Warner Bros. Pictures

Abby Banks, Print Editor-in-Chief

May 2, 2018

''She gets recognized everywhere. Like, 'You're that girl. Congratulations.' We were at the theater and some random old people came up and took pictures on their cell phones. An old man said, 'Are you, like, the rock girl?'A lot of people think she won a contest," Katie's self-described bodyguard and...

Operation Glass Slipper provides prom dresses for those in need

Operation glass Slipper accepts dresses at least 5 years old or less. Their goal is to make girls feel like princesses on prom night.

Jake Caywood, Social Media Editor

April 3, 2017

For girls in high school, prom is something to look forward to all year, prom is a time to dance, have fun and most of all look spontaneous in a stunning prom dress. Unfortunately some girls are unable to afford a dress to the dance and are denied the opportunity to attend prom. Operation ...

Students dress it down at homecoming

Juniors Danielle Keran, Michelle Strodthoff and Ellen Lenertz getting ready to watch a great football game. Strodthoff says,

Sonia Moran, Photographer

November 5, 2016

Homecoming week is full of students competing over their pony pride. Students sometimes wonder why homecoming is not as formal as it is at other schools. The point of homecoming week is to show school pride in any way possible. However, there can be some discretion used when it comes to dress. D...

Self tanning offers safer alternatives to the sun

With prom coming up many girls think they have to be tan because it is the social norm, but natural skin is beautiful and going tanning in a bed is not worth the risk. According to,

May 13, 2016

With prom coming up, many girls are worried about a common thing: how they are going to get the 'perfect tan.' As tanning beds are beginning to go out of style, safer alternatives are setting in. Many girls are realizing that the risk and dangers of using a tanning bed is not worth it. Tanning...

Rental prom dresses proves money-smart

Rental prom dresses proves money-smart

Rose Stoebner, Visual Arts Managing Editor

April 28, 2016

Many students are choosing to buy versus renting a prom dress for a cheaper price. Prom dresses on average, range from $100-400 and most students choose to buy their dresses instead of renting a dress for the night. When buying a prom dress, there is a huge selection of dresses to choose from. E...

Prom committee does more than brainstorm ideas

Prom committee does more than brainstorm ideas

Allie Langness, Online Editor

May 12, 2015

Throughout the years, the number of students that attend prom each year has grown drastically. Students go with dates, without dates and with their friends. The social norm is changing and this has expanded the event each year. With the expansion, administrators have relied more upon students to plan and work out the kinks for the special night. A gr...

Feather corsages make prom appearance

Samantha Flipp, Broadcast Field Reporter

April 29, 2015

The tradition of giving your prom date a corsage has been around since the early 20th century. Today there are a few new styles that are more popular this year than ever before. One fun new style is to have a corsage that is decorated with feathers. Some of them have feathers in addition to the flower in ...

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