The Pony Express

Pep fest ends Homecoming week, kicks off homecoming game

Students file into the bleachers for the annual Homecoming pep fest Sept. 28.
Lilly Sample, Online Editor-in-Chief September 28, 2018

To wrap up Homecoming week, Student Council has planned another successful pep fest. The Stillwater Armada Robotics team used their robot to shoot t-shirts into the bleachers, a lucky student pie-d...

Super Fans show school spirit at Homecoming game

The Ponies student fans going wild at the jersey themed football game at Roseville on September 14.
Carina Block, Copy Editor September 8, 2018

  The student section at the football game is on their toes as the ball gets snapped to quarterback junior Luke Cullen. The crowd goes wild after a gain of 15 yards. The students shout out...

Brice Hafemeyer, long-lasting nickname ‘Saudi’

Brice Hafemeyer, long-lasting nickname 'Saudi'
Mira LaNasa, Print Editor-in-Chief January 20, 2018

Senior Brice Hafemeyer attempted to mentally prepare himself to move halfway across the globe to Saudi Arabia. He was apprehensive. It was his sophomore year when his parents broke the news. His outlook...

First homecoming carnival sets its course

First homecoming carnival sets its course
Rose Deziel, Copy Editor September 19, 2017

In a drastically changing school district, it can sometimes be difficult to feel a strong sense of unity.  The Homecoming Committee had a vision though, and their vision was to bring the community together...

Homecoming brings 1000th game and first-ever parade

The Ponies football team huddles during the homecoming game. “We all stand as one school,” Megan Ramberg says.
Kaitlyn Kirby, Business Editor September 18, 2017

Homecoming plays an important part in many student’s high school experience. This year Stillwater homecoming was exceptionally memorable with it being the 1000th Pony game. For seniors, their last homecoming...

Students dress it down at homecoming

Juniors Danielle Keran, Michelle Strodthoff and Ellen Lenertz getting ready to watch a great football game. Strodthoff says,
Sonia Moran, Photographer November 5, 2016

Homecoming week is full of students competing over their pony pride. Students sometimes wonder why homecoming is not as formal as it is at other schools. The point of homecoming week is to show school...

Homecoming dance returns after 6 year hiatus

Photo by Megan Aller 
The Student Section roars support for the Ponies, led by the Superfans. “Cheering lets the student athletes know that we are all there to support them,” senior Superfan Sarah Matschi said.
Calli Clay, Social Media Editor October 1, 2014

On Sept. 27, a homecoming dance will be held at the Stillwater Area High School to start off the homecoming week. Homecoming week is a way to show off everyone's school spirit. The homecoming...

Homecoming events paint the town

Elementary school students demonstrate their Pony pride by participating Paint the Town red activities.
Hannah Crawford October 21, 2013

Once October hits, the school starts to go wild. Students are dressing crazy and the whole school is getting ready for homecoming. Nothing could put a damper on the way this school celebrates. From special...

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