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Stephanie Nielsen

Zodiac signs represent the different sectors of the year that a person is born in. Junior Isabel Day said,"I don't think you should live your life the way your horoscope tells you, but you can always look to it for advice or reassurance."

Religion can be a place to look for answers of problems in everyday life. Another place to look for answers is daily horoscopes. A horoscope is an astrology chart representing the positions of the Sun, the Moon, planets and the signs of the zodiac to foretell events in a person’s life.

Zodiac signs represent the different sectors of the year that a person is born in; these signs are called Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Each sign is said to have specific characters in personality. Psychics write daily horoscopes predicting how that specific sign feels that day, and what course of action they should take to get the most success out of the day.

“I think most horoscopes are very generalized so they can apply to many people’s lives,” said junior Isabel Day.

Day has loved astrology and horoscopes every since she was a little kid. She used to ask her parents to save that part of the newspaper, so she could read it later.

Day said,”I don’t think you should live your life the way your horoscope tells you, but you can always look to it for advice or reassurance.”

She also likes to guess what people’s signs are based on their personality. First she breaks the person down by guessing their element. Whether they are earth, wind, water, or fire. Next, she analyzes which sign they are within that element. There is myths about signs and constellation. The reason a person has the sign they do is, because of that was the constellation in the sky during their birth.

Senior Lindsay Concepcion said, “My Aquarius friend is artistic, creative and is flexible, like her water sign suggests.”

Horoscopes can be written weekly, monthly and even yearly for an overview of what the new year will bring.

“One told me to look back at old issues and find ways to make them more positive and to find out if change is something I want. Another one told me that naps are advisable this week. I ended up contacting people and working on my schedule to get my parents to ease off as bit and that helped the stress around the house,” said Concepcion.

Believe it or not, often horoscopes can not be very accurate.

“It’s been wrong plenty of times, especially when its romantic advice.I hardly take it all literally, but it does generate ideas for what I can do this week,” said Concepcion.

Religion conflicts with the use of horoscopes applied to life. Astrology falls into a area that can lead to satanic worship, which is looked down upon by several religions.

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“I believe that horoscopes aren’t true because they’re created by people. And yes, I think that God predicts our future,” said PSEO Student, Ally Bumgardner.

The agrument is that horoscopes are not only involved with satanism, God can only predict our future, but also that horoscopes in themselves can be vague and very generalized in order to relate to large groups of people.

“About a year ago, I read the horoscope in a Seventeen magazine, and it said that the next month would bring great and memorable success… I can’t even remember anything that happened that month,” said Bumgardner.

Advice and reassurance can be brought through horoscopes. They are also seen as fake, generalized thoughts written by Psychics who should not be predicting the future.