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Even though tough times are crushing performing arts, they still manage to spread good

The Minnesota Orchestra stands for applause after performing Gustav Mahler's

Alex Steil, Online Editor-in-Chief

May 12, 2020

No one had prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic, least of all performing arts venues. Because of social-distancing constraints, operatic and classical orchestras around the globe have stopped performances and ask for donations to help keep the music afloat. Even long-standing, world-class orchestras have...

Teens saving for college suffer due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Taco Johns has had to move to drive through only due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They have had to lay off workers leaving them jobless because they do not have enough jobs with nobody able to come inside due to new rules set in place by the government.

Sam Elletson, Podcast Reporter

May 11, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many teens who were actively saving for college are now unemployed. The pandemic changed their financial plan greatly. Minnesota offers an unemployment benefit except it is only applicable to people who have held a job for a period over five years, which makes it especially...

Summer will change due to COVID-19

The Minnesota Fair is one of the highlights of the summer. About two million people go to the Fair every year. This year it is unknown if the State Fair will happen because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mia Lucido, Distribution Editor

May 10, 2020

This summer will not look the same because of COVID-19. Nobody knows when the pandemic will be over, but it is expected to go through the summer. For many people, especially students, summer is the time to go outside, travel and be with friends and family. As of now, a lot of summer activities like s...

Non essential businesses remain open despite public opposition

Cars line up down the street for Raising Cane's despite being encouraged to stay home. The restaurant has experienced a shortage of employees due to exposure to COVID-19.

Elle Guggenberger, Graphics Editor

May 5, 2020

COVID-19 has unfortunately impacted thousands of Minnesota families in just a few short weeks. Immediately following Governor Tim Walz’s state-wide stay-at-home order, non-essential businesses were temporarily shut down leaving parents forced out of work and left to file for unemployment. Some bus...

Stimulus bill signed to help struggling economy

Around 80-85 percent of Americans qualify for federal stimulus checks. These checks hope to provide financial security for those struggling to stay afloat.

Joseph Devins, Business Editor-in-Chief

May 1, 2020

Since the COVID-19 outbreak began many people are out of work or working from home. This has severely impacted the United States and world economy. Due to this, Congress has conducted a bill to provide stimulus checks for citizens who are severely affected by the pandemic. The stimulus bill was signed into law on March 27, it consists of $2.2 trill...

Global pandemic takes toll on nonprofit organizations

The Camp Odayin office remains quiet due to the stay at home order issued by Governor, Tim Walz. Staff will be working from home until further notice.

Paige Sanders, Photography Editor-in-Chief

May 1, 2020

With unemployment rates through the roof, thousands hospitalized and businesses temporarily shut down, everyone, everywhere is being affected by COVID-19. Nonprofit organizations are highly affected from the pandemic as they are struggling to raise money, and overall trying to keep their organization runn...

Social distancing necessary for progress

When going to grocery stores, the CDC has advised staying six feet apart from others. Many stores have implemented systems to intentionally separate groups of people when shopping.

Julia Bennett, Social Media Editor-in-Chief

May 1, 2020

COVID-19 has changed the way many people live their day-to-day lives. While it may be difficult, the most effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to social distance as much as possible. Unnecessary contact with others will continue the spread of the virus and further alter the road to norma...

Possibilities to create prom alternative

Seniors Jenna Yingling, Annika Brown, and Catherine Monty before prom 2019. The girls were very excited for the big night.

Natalie Williams, Photography Editor

May 1, 2020

As COVID-19 rips throughout the world, the cancellation and delayment of events are an everyday occurance. However, the cancellation of one occasion is devastating teenagers around Minnesota. One of the most looked forward to events every year, prom, is cancelled. All year, juniors and seniors in hig...

Nurses forced on frontlines amid pandemic

Nurses prepare for a surgery amid the COVID-19 crisis. Surgeons and many other members of the healthcare industry have been furloughed due to many hospitals cutting certain services.

Drew Jurek, Layout Editor

April 30, 2020

Many Americans have been fortunate to find themselves at home over the previous weeks, but healthcare professionals have been unable to find such security. Their profession has forced them to make many sacrifices in the name of the greater good. “There’s a lot of change, a lot of uncertainty, a lot of thi...

Wyffels dad’s company transforms into PPE maker, distributor

Workers assemble the newly-created

Mairin Torgerson, Photographer

April 29, 2020

As COVID-19 rages across the country, life has changed as people knew it. Some of the most affected include business owners who have had to shut down and lose income that keep their businesses alive. Whereas others, like junior Tori Wyffels father, Chris Wyffels, have adapted to the crisis and transform...

Families making the most throughout this rough time

Families bond during these uncertain times. Many are doing projects together or learning more about one another.

Maria Supan, Business Editor

April 26, 2020

COVID-19 has affected many households throughout the district. Families have had to stay in their homes without contact with anyone but each other. Although these times are uncertain, families are becoming closer through this difficult time.  As Governor Tim Walz pushed back the stay at home order to May 4...

COVID-19 closures force music auditions online

Sophomore Madelyn Puhrmann practices her violin at home. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all musicians are forced to stay home and practice alone, making coordination between the members of the entire music group difficult.

Austin Fierro, Online Editor

April 25, 2020

Following the stay at home order by Governor Tim Walz, all public schools were asked to close until May 4. This caused many school-sanctioned activities to be modified or canceled, including music auditions. While the band program had largely completed auditions for the 2020-2021 school year before spri...

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