Pep band plays at hockey and basketball games again


Photo submitted by Isabelle Knighton

Pep band meets outside back in the fall practicing their music for the year. They are getting ready to play at the first home football game of the year in September.

The pep band is excited to be back to play at basketball and hockey games this year. They were not able to last school year due to COVID-19. With this comes new dynamics and good energy for the upcoming year being able to do things they once did.

Students are overjoyed to be back to playing at the basketball and hockey games. They missed playing indoors and bringing their energy and motivation to the games. They are overjoyed to bring the new dynamic of the group to games this year.

Senior Nila Cooper is happy to be back this year because they didn’t get to last year. She is excited that she gets to play music with people from other bands that she does not normally get to play with.

Being in the pep band is more than just playing an instrument to the students. It is a place for them to be with friends and do what they are passionate about, playing music. Pep band makes students feel involved in the school and brings them school spirit.

I love being in pep band so much because it is kind of an outlet for me, but it’s also a way to make people feel school spirit. I get to go out there and play an instrument, which I love doing, and cheer on our high school and just feel part of a community.

— Michael Fredrickson

The dynamic of the pep band is welcoming and inclusive. Everyone has a place and no one feels left out, they are all one big family. A pep band is a place for people to go and be their true selves.

Fredrickson said when he goes out there he cheers on the sport, and that he brings all his energy to the games.  

Band teacher Joel Bryan is especially excited about the pep band this year. His favorite part is watching the students’ enthusiasm and leadership. He is always amazed by the confidence that is built in the students with playing their instruments.

It’s one of the ones the just enthusiasm and the joy that the kids get out of it, the leadership ability, and the confidence that it builds in the students,” Bryan said. He added that the challenging music that they play in the pep band helps them become better in their regular band class.

The pep band is so happy to be playing at indoor games again this year. They are excited to do things they once were not able to due to COVID. To be able to be with the fans of basketball and hockey again makes them all over the moon excited.

It’s just really fun to be out there and you raise the energy of the crowd and just be part of it,” Fredrickson said.