Pep band returns to playing football games this fall


Photo by Isabelle Knighton

Pep band rehearses in the main rotunda before football games. They are working hard to keep spirits high for the football team.

Isabelle Knighton, Layout Editor

The pep band is back after only playing two times last year. Now they practice once a week and perform at all the home football games. The pep band now has new student leaders to take responsibility of the band.

The pep band performed at home football games to pump people up, but they have fewer numbers than in past years. Now they have to come back and relearn everything in order to perform for football fans. Due to COVID-19 and a lack of interest, there were only 2 performances last school year.

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The pep band is a great way for students to get leadership opportunities. During the games, the pep band has a select few students who call out what tunes they are going to play. They also have those students run the practices.

“It’s really nice to be able to share my experiences with other people and help them because I was helped a lot as a freshman, and it also just is a big responsibility and it helps me with leadership skills,” Nila Cooper, senior pep band student leader said.

The pep band plays certain songs that correspond to what is happening in the game. For instance, if there is a touchdown the band will play the school song. This is a way to get the student section more involved with the game, it also helps the players keep their energy up and going.

Bryan knows that there are different song types; they use upbeat songs when there is something good happening like a 1st down. The band will also play certain songs to intimidate the other team.

The band allows students to be in a low-stress environment all while improving their instrument playing. Students play more modern or well-known songs that are more enjoyable to learn. The band learns a lot of new songs at a quick pace. They are given the opportunity to perform in front of many people.

“Tuesday and we had, 27 or whatever of us. And then I said we’re going to go sectionals, which was really awesome to see everybody’s eyes go like, Oh, yeah, we can handle this, this is the right call. And put the freshmen up with seniors and you know be like yes just follow them, they’ll tell you what to do,” Bryan added.

Compared to regular band, the students are able to hang out and talk to their peers. The band has a very chill setting. The students are also able to play as loud or soft as they wish depending on their confidence level.

Junior Wesley Balsimo said that he gets to meet a lot of new people and, “have a lot of good conversations with friends. It’s relaxing.”

The pep band is going to continue playing throughout the year at the football games. They will also perform at hockey games, basketball games and state tournaments. The band is excited to come back for next season.