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BLAST week promotes cohesiveness

Senior Khuluc Yang, juniors Mark Sinyigaya, Shahd Abouhekel and freshman Ariam Mussiel speak about being first generation citizens. This forum helped students understand what first generation students go through on a day to day basis.

Joseph Devins, Business Editor-in-chief

February 11, 2020

BLAST week is a weeklong event consisting of various panels talking about the school coming together as a community as well as tribulations high school students may have. BLAST stands for “be loving and sharing together” and is meant to promote positivity and diversity. Along with the speakers, the st...

Student council puts on BLAST week

Student council members junior Lyxie Moosai and Jenna Yingling dress up for throwback day during BLAST week. Each day of the week offers a new theme to dress up for and show off school spirit.

Elle Sprenger, Social Media Editor

February 22, 2019

BLAST week is a time for kindness put on by Student Council. This week takes place in Feb. because it is Black History Month and BLAST week helps celebrate and recognize the significance of being inclusive. BLAST week includes guest speakers and events that are intended to bring the community together. The...

BLAST week provides opportunity for community to come together

Junior James Wagner and seniors Matthew Dietrich, Jennah Slayton and Hailey Concepcion pose for their last note in their serenade. “Overall, Student Council does a great job at generating excitement for the week and I am very proud of all the effort I’ve seen being put into making this week as wonderful as it can be,” Balok says.

Mira LaNasa, Layout Editor

February 17, 2017

Be Loving and Sharing Together week has been a tradition for many years. This year, BLAST week will take place the week of Feb. 12-18 and will feature both old and new spirit days and activities. Every year Student Council hosts BLAST week around the middle of February. Student Council decides ...

BLAST week brings school and community together

Blast week poster near the main office in the rotunda.

Shenyn Gale, Social Media Editor

February 25, 2016

BLAST stands for be loving and sharing together and that is what BLAST week is all about; our school coming together to promote unity between all students, staff and culture. This is done through a bunch of new school wide activities and entertainment. BLAST week is a fun way to bring the scho...

Student Council and Special Ed department team launch Pony Market

The Pony Market is run by two student groups. The special education department runs and attends the market while the student council oversees the market.

Dylan Cook, Visual Arts Media Editor

February 10, 2016

    This year, student council and the special education department have teamed up to open a new school store called the Pony Market. The Pony Market, located in the main rotunda, is open on Wed. and Thurs. from 7:45 a.m. to 2 p.m. It is being run by both the student council and the spe...

Sadie Hawkins Dance, held for first time

Oliva Weirtz, In-Studio Anchor

November 18, 2015

High school dances are a long-lasting tradition, and in the wake of these events comes the awkward question of dates. Oftentimes, the pressure to find a date lies with the boy, however Sadie Hawkins dances allow the ladies to get themselves a partner. The amount of dances our school puts on is increa...

BLAST Week promotes school community and spirit

Photo by Katelyn Weisbrod To congratulate the students for reaching their goal in the Pennies for Patients fundraiser, Principal Rob Bach dressed up as Elsa from Frozen and lip-synched Let It Go at the pep fest; his reaction to tweets relating him to Elsa. When he was finished, he thanked the students for their generosity as well as their commitment to keep the lunchroom clean. “I thought it was hilarious that he actually dressed up like Elsa,” said senior Ellie Anderson.  “He owned the tweet that referred Stillwater to Frozen and him to Elsa.”

Allie Langness, Online Editor

February 23, 2015

The week of Valentine’s Day is always filled with fun, candy, enthusiasm, silly dress up days, and a pep fest to end the week. This year was no different. Student Council once again hosted a fun filled, entertaining week. Monday was “Patriotic Day” and cookies were sold. Tuesday students were...

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