Groups assemble for annual Valentine’s Day serenades


Photo by Gabrielle Knowlan

Junior Student Council members Isabelle Adams, Iliana Balok and Olivia Schauffler sell tickets for serenades. They are a part of BLAST week and are typically a huge hit.

Different musical groups around the school are assembling to help spread the love this Valentine’s Day through serenades. Students send these serenades as a way to express their appreciation for each other through song. It is an entertaining tradition that has been adored by students for years. 

Serenades are a part of BLAST week, which is put on by the student council every year. It stands for “Being Loving And Sharing Together.” It is a weeklong event, meant to bring the school together, through various events such as a cultural fashion show, educational panels with guest speakers and spirit dress-up days.

The practice of serenades has been present since the creation of music. They are typically musical performances used to show admiration towards someone. Serenades are still popular today, as groups around school go classroom to classroom on Feb. 14, performing modern day love songs for students.

One group, consisting of Olivia Schauffler, Kendra Stanton, Morgan Lysne, Breanna Tubbs and Shawnna Sobczak, is performing Love Story (Taylor’s Version) by Taylor Swift. 

“I’m singing and playing the ukulele for our serenade. I’ve only been playing [the ukulele] for a few years, but this is just for fun so I’m really excited,” Lysne said.

Due to COVID-19, last year’s serenades looked a little different since school was completely online at this time. The groups last year would join the zoom calls of the students who were sent serenades, and perform virtually. Although there were efforts to keep the tradition alive, the turnout was not nearly as big. 

Serenades are a really fun way to give back to the music department and get students involved.”

— Iliana Balok

Stanton said that she had such a great experience performing in the past, that she was getting excited to do it all again. 

But before these groups could start rehearsing, they had to audition and get approved first. Student Council held auditions after school in the music commons on Jan. 19 to select the groups that would perform this year. Along with performing, Schauffler, as a member of student council, planned serenades and conducted auditions, too.

“Honestly, if you weren’t tone deaf, you’d probably get it,” Schauffler said. “It’s not a very selective process because it’s just supposed to be for fun.”

Student Council sells tickets for these serenades for $3, and all of the proceeds go back to the music department. Tickets are available to purchase in the cafeteria from Feb. 7-11. 

“Serenades are a really fun way to give back to the music department and get students involved,” Student Council member Iliana Balok said. “People seem to love them, they’ve been working continually, year after year.”

“When I got serenaded freshman year, I thought it was super awkward because everyone in the class was watching me. But now, it’s a super fun memory to look back on, and I enjoyed watching my classmates get serenaded too,” junior Ella Sevilla said.