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Student teachers enhance learning in classes this year

Student teachers enhance learning in classes this year
Sam Gater, Photographer December 4, 2015

When faced with the idea of being taught by a student not much older than them, many have a predetermined idea on student teachers. Still in college, inexperienced and nervous, some students believe...

Video Game Club attracts a new crowd

Sophomore Andrew Barton, one of the club's creators prepares a video game console to be connected to a projector.
Jonathan Rustad, Copy Editor December 4, 2015

This year, video game club was started and hopes to attract students. The club was started by freshman Ryan Olds and sophomore Andrew Barton. In addition, it is supervised by biology teacher, Stacy...


December 1, 2015

Sixth graders could move to Oak-land Jr. High one year early

Parents of about 94 Lake Elmo future sixth graders listen to a presentation about the possible grade shift. “It actually gives them more options, my daughter is excelling at math right now and she would have more course options,
Sarah Junko, Layout Editor November 23, 2015

Sixth graders from Valley Crossing and Lake Elmo Elementary could possibly be moved to Oak-Land Jr. High for the 2016-17 school year. This move would ease the stress of the grade shift in the fall...

Pontrelli and Hill explore schools for National Education Week

 Denise Pontrelli, Josiah Hill and Red Pony Center secretary Nina Geiser met together to talk about how staff feel about their job and their interactions with students. Typically, from a young age, children choose to be teachers from an example an old teacher brought upon them. “I want to feel the same fulfillment as my own teachers felt, and I hope teachers in the school feel the same way,” Hill said.
Governess Simpson, Layout Editor November 20, 2015

While students strive for academic success, this week, Superintendent Denise Pontrelli and Josiah Hill, English teacher and Union President, will be learning from all the schools in the district. National...

Devin Wessels: I got the music in me

Devin Wessels: I got the music in me
Nick Carlson, Read and Watch Editor November 20, 2015

Tap. Tap tap tap. Tappity tap tappity tap. To senior Devin Wessels, these are not just random noises but the start of something he loves. Music is Wessels’ passion and ever since he was a kid he...

New girls basketball coach redefines team

Not only is basketball a sport for  girls, nor just a team. Basketball has become a part of their lives, and their team has become a family for them. As junior Chelania Daniels passes the ball to freshman Megan Lampright, the smile on their faces proves their love for the sport. The girls work hard weekly together, and also have become incredible friends over the years. Senior Madison Schmidt explains her friendships developed through basketball by saying
Sarah McCarthy, Photographer November 19, 2015

The new girls basketball coach, Willie Taylor, is preparing to start up a new basketball season with a  brand new set of girls. With the new year comes a fresh start and a chance for the girls to...

Youth United Way creating smiles throughout community

Many students stand out at Youth United Way meetings, but there was not a single adult. The group does have an adviser but it is led by the students. Lois Raboin gives them advice and helps with some of the logistics and she is an employee at Youth United Way. “I retired from 3M and I wasn’t ready to retire from work so I was hired here,” Rabion said. Student leaders Kate Kugler and Aly Brasch organized the meeting.
Shad Kraftson, Distribution Reporter November 19, 2015

The money raised by Youth United Way is great, but the smiles they create may be more valuable. The group is lesser known at the school, but they do plenty for the community. Youth United Way is...

Gymnastics prepares for upcoming season

Team members Linnea Rusted and Danielle Keran put chalk on their hands as they prepare to practice the uneven bars. Chalk helps the gymnasts to grip onto the bars so injuries like slipping do not happen. Chalk also absorbs sweat and it protects the gymnast's hands.
”My favorite skill on the uneven bars is giants. They’re a skill where you basically start in a handstand swing around the bar and finish back in a handstand. You typically do two giants in a routine then let go to dismount. They were pretty scary to learn but once I got the hang of them, they were actually really fun to do,” junior Rustad said.
Madison Crain, Layout editor November 18, 2015

  This season the gymnastics team will have three captains and five coaches all working together so that the team can make it to state. The coaches are Traci Swenson, Caroline Urgo, Dusty Dennis...

Athletes transitioning from fall to winter sports

Nordic skiers that participate in nordic skiing primarily do cross country and mountain biking for their fall sport.  Cross country and biking helps maintain the endurance and muscle needed for the intense work needed for nordic skiing.  The girls nordic team is doing a light warm up to get ready for practice.  “Including captain practices for me I usually get a weekend between sports,” sophomore Siri Bohacek said.
Cole Lebourgeois, Copy Editor November 18, 2015

Managing one sport can be a challenge all in itself, yet some athletes take on multiple sports at once. Students do fall sports, and once that sport is done, they move right onto their winter sport. Students...

Volleyball takes second in conference

When you walk into a varsity volleyball practice you can feel two things: determination and support. Never is there a girl left out or unappreciated. On the last day of practice junior Sarah McCarthy and Rachel Houle team up to bump the ball together. “When you're on the court you can just feel when teams have a certain vibe about them when you walk onto the Stillwater Court you can just tell that these girls have been playing together for 10 years it seems like,” Junior Klein Johnson said.
Rose Stoebner, Visual Arts Managing Editor November 17, 2015

After a difficult season last year, Varsity volleyball has made a complete turn around to finish second in conference at the end of the 2015 season. This year originally started out to be a building...

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