Volleyball team plays during covid with adversity they have to overcome


Photo submitted by Maddie Purdie

Volleyball team wins their final home game against Forest Lake in 4 sets.

In 2020, the volleyball team struggled to play during covid. They only played 13 games instead of the traditional 30 games so there was a lot less time to compete. This made it very difficult to get any motivation to play and truly did not know when their last game could be. These changes of covid really made it difficult to play their season but they did end up playing and ended with a final record of 9-4-0.

 There were many challenges faced this year compared to last year especially with covid. Many other worries were in hand this year than the traditional regular season in past years. Covid made this season more stressful.

This year had many more challenges with covid, health number one. Last year I think the worry was more of a hurt shoulder, which is still a concern but lots of different worries this year,” head coach Sara Beirmier said. 

There were a lot of negatives during covid and playing sports, but there were still some positives. Being positive was the only thing they could do this year. The biggest positive was just being able to play and still compete this year at the level they could. 

“The fact that we got a season was great. The girls. It felt like and I feel like all athletes at this point, you really couldn’t take any chance of competing for granted because at any point, it could have been taken away,” Beirmier explained.

This year had many more challenges with covid, health number one. Last year I think the worry was more of a hurt shoulder.”

Motivation was key this year, making sure your team knew what had to be done that game because with covid they truly did not know when their last game could be. The last time stepping on that court or breaking the meetings down. They just had to keep motivated to play like it could be their final game.

We all were thinking this could be our last game so play your hearts out in every game versus knowing when your last game is and still having to suffer for weeks,” senior captain Sydney Dejarnett said.

The volleyball team did not give up last season even when adversity came around they came through and performed.

This year was very crazy with everything but everyone was just happy they got to play. They had to play without students and very little parents and that was really weird and silent. Home court advantage was not a big thing this year and the teammates had to be more active in cheering on their team. 

“It was a lot less nerve wracking because if you made a mistake. There wasn’t your whole entire grade sitting there watching,” Dejarnett said.

It was very different without the noise from the students this year and very little fans, which was a downside but also an upside as well. 

As the season came to an end the volleyball team finished with a 9-4-0 record even with Covid around.  The team overcame a lot of challenges and had a great season overall and  a lot of fun being able to play.

Biermaier described her plan was for next season , “I hope to be in the top 3 of our conference and make it to the section championships. I would also like to continue developing a culture within our program that is based on respect and being good competitors.”