Intramural basketball, good alternative for players

Andrew Wilcek, Social Media Editor

Intramural basketball has always been a big part of the school. People wonder, what are Intramural sports; intramural are a less competitive sports league run through the high school. The largest sport is basketball, where many teams get together in the gym on Monday nights and play the game they love.

Intramural are a good alternative for a person who still wants to play the sport, but doesn’t want to go to practice everyday for three hours. Intramural has two leagues; A league and B league. The A league is more competitive, with better competition.

Intramural basketball is a way for students to just purely have fun and play with their friends. There are no coaches, no fans. Some teams take it more seriously than others by trying to win the championship, which is an important goal for most.

Have fun, play with my friends and win a championship.

— Noah Jakupciak

Senior Noah Jakupciak wants to, “Have fun, play with my friends and win a championship.”

The league’s other main goal is ultimately to have fun. It is meant to be a less serious alternate to play the game so many young kids grow up loving. Intramural is only once a week for a couple of hours, however some teams do have their own practices to be able to compete to the best of their ability.

A lot of students are two sports athletes, meaning most of the year they play sports all-year-round. Intramurals are a way for a lot of students to play other students, as it is the most popular Intramural league at the school.

Junior Charlie Richman said, “I think that I didn’t have a lot of time for the commitment, but I still wanted to play the sport of basketball and Intramural is a very fun competitive league to mess around in.”

Kevin Thole, Noah Ness, Anthony Alvarado

Basketball is a game just meant to have a good time, play with athletes that they know and compete against. It is more enjoyable if the players compete against people they know because it raises competition. This is due to the fact that you see that person everyday, so it causes some trash talking. One can play against athletes that the person goes to school while also playing with some of one’s close friends.

Senior Austin Dowdall said, “I feel like it is more relaxed than the school team its only once a week. VAA its more competitive I feel like, cause I know the people I am playing more than in VAA. In VAA I play people all across the metro area so its not as fun when I play complete strangers.”

Some players play intramural to win, others mess around, but everyone plays to have fun with their friends.

Dowdall said, “I like the social aspect of getting together with friends and playing a sport we all love. It’s fun.”