Football team works hard to prepare for homecoming


Photo by Grace Cheney

Players line the middle of the field during the Pony’s 2022 Homecoming game.

The football team took on White Bear Lake for the homecoming game on Sept. 30 They are trying to add another win to the team’s 4-0 season, wanting to prove to fans that they have what it takes to go all the way. 

The team stood strong with a lot of pressure on their back, looking to take a massive win against White Bear. With many people questioning whether the football team will continue to keep up with expectations, they did everything to keep their players healthy.

Junior receiver Tanner Schmidt explained how the team is keeping up with expectations and staying healthy. “We have some of the best trainers, they all really know what they’re doing. Post practice we’re going in and taking ice baths, hydrating before game day, just doing everything to stay healthy,” Schmidt said.

With the football team’s success, many people give the credit to the experience and strong leadership from the team’s captains this year seniors Max Shikenjanski, Charlie Gleason, Tim Weber and Tom Blair. 

“I think that having experience with being on the varsity team for a few years is a big part of being a leader, but I think that the biggest thing is doing the right thing when no one else is watching,” Shikenjanski said about what makes him a good leader on the team. 

The team can base much of their success on the team’s strong passing game with their four receivers Schmidt, Joe Hoheisel, Ephram Lanz and Thomas Jacobs.  These receivers have a total of 1,172 receiving yards, making sure that every defense they go against has a hard game. In order to have a strong passing game, they also have to give some of the success to their quarterback Shikenjanski for putting the ball in their hands.

“I would say that they’re not as good as a collective group as our four receivers, and we work together as a team and really put in the energy to practice everyday and were just great to each other, ” Hoheisel about what qualities their group of receivers have that opposing teams does not.

White Bear Lake, not yet undefeated, is a solid team and has many good players, but Stillwater is still working hard to be game-ready and staying healthy. Many of the players are trying not to overlook the Bears and are not going to let their undefeated streak get to their heads. 

“Expectations are really high for the team right now as we are undefeated, And I think White Bear is going to be a good game and I’m looking forward to it,” Schmidt said.

The football team pulled out a close game against White Bear lake with a score of 35-28. Shikenjanski helped out with his 251 yards of passing in the game.