The Rogotzke siblings win matching State wrestling titles


Submitted by Ryder Rogotzke

Freshman Audrey Rogotzke and senior Ryder Rogotzke with thier wrestling 2022 State Championshiop belt. Audrey and Ryder have made Minnesota history by being the first sibling duo to win the boys and girls State wrestling championship title.

Maya Disher, Photography Editor in Chief

Brothers and sisters hold a bond that is unmatched by any other. Most describe it as a built-in best friend. Someone who is always there to motivate you, protect you, and even win a matching wrestling State Champion title.

Senior Ryder Rogotzke and his sister freshman Audrey Rogotzke made history by being the first brother-sister duo to win Minnesota State Wrestling Champion titles last spring.

“As we approached the 21-22 State Tournament, it was certainly a possibility that Ryder and Audrey could both win state titles, Ryder in the boy’s division and Audrey in the girl’s division. When it actually happened, it was a good feeling to know they represented the Ponies while setting a new precedence for Boys and Girls High School Wrestling,” head coach Matt Onken said.

Ryder stated that his first thought when realizing he had just won his first state title was one word. Finally. He has been a part of the varsity wrestling team for the past five years and has acquired third place at the Minnesota State Championship three times.Although achieving a massive milestone in his wrestling career, what makes him the proudest is he accomplished this life goal in the most dominant way you could. He managed to pin everyone he wrestled within the first period, and not a single competitor scored on him.

“We have watched Ryder grow from a very successful 9th grader to an even more successful senior, “Onken said. “He has reached the pinnacle at the high school level and can only reach greater heights in college.”

As for Audrey, she not only made history with her brother but claimed her own historical pedestal by being the first Minnesota Girls State Wrestling Champion while only being in eighth grade at the time. This was Audrey’s second year apart of the high school varsity program, and she’s already proven she can outrun some of the boys. She has amassed a 21-17 varsity record as well as an 8-0 record in the girls-only competition.

“My initial reaction was just overwhelmed, honestly, because I knew I could win and that I had worked for it for so long, but I guess I was just overwhelmed because I actually did it. I know that I looked for my brother after my match, and then I was just ready to go watch him compete, ” Audrey said.

Audrey has spent her off-season training and improving her strength and technique. She knows that to keep up with the boys, she has to work twice as hard and needs to continue “chipping away” at her smaller goals to achieve her long-term goals.



Ryder and Roman Rogotzke, Audrey and Ryder’s older brother, have been huge believers in Audrey and her wrestling career. Audrey said her brothers have continued pushing her past her boundaries, knowing she can do more. She appreciates that they aren’t constantly worried about themselves and they take the time to help her improve.

Walking into this season, Audrey and Ryder are hoping to win their second high school state title. Still, they know they must take it one match at a time and continue working hard during practices.

Audrey has started her high school career strong coming off her title. Besides winning at state again, she hopes to improve her overall record of wins and losses compared to last year.

Ryder is walking into his senior season with a positive mindset hoping to see his entire team end up at the top of the podium this year. Ryder will also continue his wrestling career at Ohio State University next winter.

Coaches and teammates are excited to see where these two go with their careers. This brother-sister duo is a strong force and isn’t backing down anytime soon.