Police Officer Dave Wynia comes to high school

Officer Dave Wynia monitoring the front door before lunch starts.

Photo By Will Kane

Officer Dave Wynia monitoring the front door before lunch starts.

Officer Dave Wynia, the newest officer at the school. He took this job because he loves helping the students do the right thing and leading them to success.

He attends after school activities whether he has to or not. Wynia loves connecting with the students and supporting them at their sports events. 

He said he loves watching basketball whether he has to come or not, “I just love the game.”

When growing up, he always wanted to be an officer and protect his town. 

“I mainly work with the security staff at the school to help each other out to make this a safer environment, ”Wynia said

He has been in a lot of scary situations during his time as an officer.  One of his scariest situations was when he was with the swat team and there were hostage situations and armed shooters. 

The process of hiring Wynia was easy as Assistant Principal Shelly Phernetton explained. She included that he filled in last year for Officer LindsayParadise and he did a good job with the students. She also said they were really thankful and happy that he wanted to come to the school.

Junior Joey Arkell said about the new officer at the school and whats his thoughts on having an officer at the school at all times. He said, “We’re pretty lucky to be somewhere and have someone want to protect us, I feel a lot safer.”

When there is a hold drill in the school, Wynia has an important role “They feel more safe when Wynia is around the school because he has experience with a lot of situations like a hold.” Phernetton said.

Wynia also responds to calls in the parking lot when he is not already busy in the school. He likes helping out as much as he can with whatever is needed. When something happens in the parking lot it goes through their radio and Wynia has to respond if he can help or not. Wynia is the first person the school calls for help.

Wynia has made everyone feel safer already. Arkell included that ” we should add another officer because its more protection and the security around the halls”.

His scheduled workday is  from 7:45 a.m-2:30 p.m, but almost every day he stays and does extra work around the school.  He also comes to every football game. 

“I wish I could watch more of the game than the student section.” Wynia said.

“Yes, there always is, but Wynia has been doing such a great job with the kids that we don’t need anymore at this moment,” Phernetton explained.

When asked about more officers at school, Arkell said, “All schools should have an officer at the school because it makes it a safer environment.”

Wynia plans to continue working at the school for as long as possible.