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More than a cross country state champion coach

Head cross country coach Scott Christensen preparing his team for the start of the race. He gives them last minute inspiration for crossing the finish line.

Ella Gag, Social Media Editor

March 25, 2020

"Coaching is about change and adjustment, coaching is being in the moment," Scott Christensen cross country and track coach said. Christensen has won many awards and championships during his coaching years. He has also been a part of the district for close to 40 years. Christensen has won 13 Minnesota State Champ...

Foreign Exchange Student Club smooths transition of coming to new country

Foreign Exchange students meet to discuss how things are going and what people are doing. One student gave a presentation about Germany this month.

Ava Hoelzel, Photographer

December 7, 2019

“It [the Foreign Exchange Student Club] gives them [the foreign exchange students] time to step out of their classroom, and just be with each other,” school counselor Krista Koenen said.  The school provides foreign exchange students the opportunity to meet with each other, staff and other st...

Coach Scott Christensen recognized by MSHSL

Coach Scott Christensen supports his team in any way possible. “I love Scott, ever since day one he’s just been a cool, down to earth guy. He makes the Cross Country atmosphere so funny and lighthearted, and he takes the time to get to know you.” Senior Riley Call says.

Levi Gregg, Copy Editor

September 30, 2017

Coach Scott Christensen’s dedication to Stillwater’s runners finally paid  off when he was inducted into the MSHSL Track hall of Fame. After coaching 73 track and cross country teams, training 4 runners who have broken 4 minutes in the mile, and winning 8 state titles, Christensen was inducted into the Tr...

The past and present success of the boys Cross Country team

Boys Cross Country team lines up as they prepare for their race this August.

Lucas Braun, Social Media Editor

October 26, 2015

The boys cross country team had been extremely successful in the past and still is today. They have won multiple state titles, regional tournaments, they have even competed in national tournaments and they continue to have great success every year. They have been so successful for so long partly d...

Bailey Hesse-Withbroe nests in Iowa City

Holden Schafer, Copy Editor

January 16, 2015

"Iowa was the school that felt most like home for me. The campus was the best out of all of the schools I was considering. The team seemed like a close-knit group, and I really connected with the coaching staff," said senior Bailey Hesse-Withbroe. Hearing these convincing remarks only began to signify...

VonEssen experiences team sports in American culture

Working among her fellow classmates, Fredrika enjoys her time in the U.S. away from Sweden. Having only been here seven weeks, she said,

Katelyn Weisbrod, Head Copy Editor

October 29, 2014

Senior Fredrika VonEssen knew from the time she was 12 years old that she wanted to study abroad. She arrived in Minnesota on Aug. 21, her new home for the next 10 months. “I wanted to go on a really big adventure,” said the Swedish exchange student. “I wanted to become fluent in English ...

Beech performs as multifaceted student

Senior Haley Beech is a National Merit Commended Student, runs on varsity cross country and still is able spend time with friends.

Hailey Beech

December 11, 2013

Senior Haley Beech is a true example of a versatile student athlete. Maintaining a high GPA through high school while being involved in girls’ cross-country and Nordic ski.  Haley gives a new meaning to multitalented. While her bubbly personality is apparent to anyone she meets, Beech prides herself on b...

Lange runs to state

During the State meet held at St. Olaf College, Lange shifts to pass an opponent. Lange passed countless opponents throughout her season, which is why she was such a crucial part to the team.

Rose Bruschu

December 7, 2013

Junior Abby Lange had a successful cross country season this fall, and made her second career appearance at state on Nov. 2. The race was at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minn. Lange finished 98th out of 174 runners. She finished in 15:36.5 at a pace of 6:17. She finished 27th at state a year ago, but has been set back in rece...

Beech performs as multifaceted student

Senior Haley Beech excels at everything she does from school to running cross country. “I think that doing well in both academics and athletics really helps reduce my stress,” said Beech.

December 5, 2013

“I think that doing well in both academics and athletics really helps reduce my stress. Senior Haley Beech is a true example of a versatile student athlete. Maintaining a high GPA through high school while being involved in girls’ cross-country and Nordic ski.  Haley gives a new meaning to multitale...

Third place finish in State for boys cross country

Photo by Megan Aller
Members of the boys cross country team pose for a picture with their State Championship trophy after taking third place in the state meet.

Jessica Thomas, Editor-in-Chief

November 11, 2013

The boys cross-country team competed in the state competition for cross-country teams. All of the top seven runners in the Stillwater Boys team were prepared to give their all while representing Stillwater High School. The State competition was held at St. Olaf College on November 2nd. While the entirety...

Natalie Harrison runs toward her goals

Natalie wins a ribbon despite her asthma.

Megan Aller

October 16, 2013

Senior Natalie Harrison, who has ran cross country since 6th grade, expresses what it is like to be dedicated to such a challenging sport. Harrison discovered that she was a skilled runner at the Rutherford Elementary Field days. Even with asthma, she has continued to run for the past six years. “I won all of the events at my 6th grade field games, that is wh...

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