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2019 class dominates Powderpuff game for second year

Madison Horn and Haley Nelson need to take a quick photo before getting ready for warm-ups for the Powder Puff game
Linda Hill, Podcast Reporter October 23, 2018

Ever year as a school tradition there is an all-girls flag football game called Powder Puff played during the week of homecoming. The game is performed in order to promote the homecoming game on...

Kaleidoscope concert finds new lens

Band teacher Joel Bryan conducts rehearsal for the Kaleidoscope concert.
Elsa Persson, Online Editor October 5, 2018

A classic band tradition comes back to the stage this year, bringing even more challenges to the students performing than past years. Though they pour in their hardest work, they strive to uphold a lighthearted...

Young Life reaches out to connect students

Young Life girls having fun at Castaway camp during the nineties night.
Emma Sneden, Business Editor October 1, 2018

After a long tired day full of ups and downs, junior Madi Kulzer is finally able to be with a group that is accepting of everyone. Smiling as she walks in, she feels free to be herself. Kulzer feels...

Third Street preps for Battle of the Bands

Juniors (left to right) Bobby Thueson, Reid Schossler, Patrick Lentz, and AJ Shoenecker getting ready to perform at Portside Bar in Stillwater, MN August 2018
Ellsa Ohmann, Layout Editor September 29, 2018

It started off as a few middle school friends goofing off with some instruments they found in a closet. While some of them had prior musical experience, some had no idea what they were doing. The more...

Belle Chanter annual retreat promotes community

Sophomore Josie Haugen reading her music during choir in preparation for the retreat.
Grace Silbernick, Layout Editor September 27, 2018

“The success of the group is entirely dependent on everybody’s collective effort. Not just one person," Katelyn Larson, director of the Belle Chanter Choir, said. That is exactly the purpose of their...

Teachers learn about memes, share reactions

Alternative Copy by Hannah Boardman
Fotini Kloos, Announcements Editor May 22, 2018

Memes have been popular and cultural ideas that have been passed from one individual to another. They have been surfacing not only in Stillwater, but all throughout social media as well. We see...

MoviePass provides access to cheaper movies

Student pictured in the publications room. Seen signing up for a MoviePass. A website/app to allow cheaper access to movies showing in theaters.
Tess Schoenborn, Online Editor March 12, 2018

Movies are often a popular topic when it comes to students. A newly-crazed app called MoviePass has caught the attention of some high school students. MoviePass is an app that allows users to pay a...

High school tattoos become more widespread

High school tattoos become more widespread
Fotini Kloos, Announcements Editor March 11, 2018

Tattoos have become a major trend in the Stillwater community, especially with the seniors turning 18. Tattoos and body art have always been a way for students, especially in high school, to express...

Asian Student Union builds strong bonds

Alternative copy story by Lilly Sample
Rose Deziel, Copy Editor March 4, 2018

In a school lacking diversity, it can be difficult for minorities to feel included.  New this year, the Asian Student Union helps students find peers with common interests. The group meets on Tuesdays...

Fashion club set to kick off second semester

Alternative copy by Chloe Squires.
Wyatt Wasko, Social Media Editor February 20, 2018

Starting second semester, fashion club will be held in math teachers Mike Parker and Peter Hamilton’s classroom.  As imagined the club will focus meetings around current fashion trends along with...

District drafts strategic plan: Profile of a Graduate

Alternative Copy Story by Will Gleason
Kate Poor, Distribution Reporter February 17, 2018

Shaping curriculum is one of the most important jobs of teachers and school administrators. Profile of a Graduate is a new venture being taken on by the district to come up with ways to ensure the...

BIZAA members fight human trafficking

Photo submitted by Kirsten Carter.
Evelyn Young, Student Playlist Reporter February 14, 2018

On Jan. 22, students in all grades met with Spanish teacher Kirsten Carter for the first meeting of the Basic Institute for Zonal African Advancement, also known as BIZAA. The club will be sponsoring...

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