9/10 formal takes a turn


Photo submitted by Skylor Gosso

The 9/10 formal offers a fun night to spend with peers. Juniors Tucker Farver and Celia Gear took advantage of the 2019 spring formal to spend time with friends.

Alexis Brainard , Online Editor

Junior and senior prom is around the corner. This means the 9/10 formal is coming up too. The dance, however, might not happen because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

“As far as I know I do not think we are doing it,” junior Ethan Vargas said.

The 9/10 formal is supposed to happen on April 25. All grades are welcome, but the dance was created for freshmen and sophomores.

“I think that frankly, it is very well attended and a lot of students really like it,” Assistant Principal Aaron Drevlow said.

The dance was first put together by the student council staff when the freshman moved into the high school a few years ago. But this year, a new committee within the school has taken over planning for the dance.

“There is a new policy this year. So, now we can not sponsor any student council events that do not include all the grades,” Vargas said.

If the dance does happen, they usually have a photo booth set up which is put together by Vickey Weiss Photography. They also have concessions open to provide drinks and food.

“Students go to interact with their peers. They go to have fun for a night,” junior Ana Weaver said.

As far as I know I do not think we are doing it.”

— Ethan Vargas

The dance is semi-formal, unlike prom. Students can wear fancy clothes or go casual.

“You do not have to go out and buy a tux. You do not have to spend $1,000 and you do not have huge ticket prices. It is that simple,” Drevlow explained.

As April approaches, the student council members will see if the dance occurs. However, they do not have a lot of time to decide and prepare everything.

“The dance is still undecided and we don’t really know the theme of it yet either,” Weaver said.

Drevlow believes because the “the dance is a neat opportunity for a lot more students to get together socially. I mean, it really is not an option to not have it.”