Flex time’s Career and Pathways paves way for success


Photo by Tyrina McCombs

Career and Pathways is a program to help students access education and training beyond high school. Students form small groups of occupations within a career cluster. Occupations within a pathway share common skills, knowledge and interests.

Tyrina McCombs , Distribution Reporter

Flex time offers a new opportunity to explore Career and Pathways for students to meet with employees of several different industries, such as business or engineering in many career fields.  Administration and the Innovations team hopes that these offerings will introduce students to various careers, students to explore various careers and form conclusions about their future. 

“Starting in middle school, you are going to be taking career assessments to find out what your interests are, and for your career, and then up here at the high school, you’re going to see which classes, those are the ones you should take to continue on with your career,” College and Career Center Secretary Amy Carr said.

Students will get to learn from speaker’s personal experiences to get on idea to help find their path.  They will also get to hear stories of how the speakers landed in theses jobs and ask them questions to help decide if the career is right for the individual. 

This opportunity will help students know more of the 20 interesting career fields that FlexTime has to offer, including medical, acting and video production.  Students will hopefully make effective ways to make connections with professionals in their dream field of work. 

“I’m just interacting with people now growing on my social skills is something that I can start doing now.  So that when I get there from the future then, you know, I’ll feel more prepared,” junior Ekram Ibrahim said. 

Starting in middle school, students are going to be taking career assessments to find out like maybe what your interests are, and for a career, and then up here at the high school, you’re going to see which classes, those are that you should take to continue on with your career.”

— Amy Carr

The Counseling and College Career Center mission statement is, “All students have the opportunity to achieve career success to each student’s fullest potential.”  The purpose of the mission is to inspire and inform students and parents about having a quality education and opportunities.

Carr said, “It’s going to help you reach your full potential because you’ll be prepared. When you get to that point, whatever it is, a trade.  If you’re going to know go get your bachelors or somewhere, it’s going to help you prepare yourself, definitely.  So what you need to do.”

Students do not have to follow the path of others when choosing a career.  The options held during flextime will be valuable to individuals likely to look within the organization when they have desire dream in life. 

“I feel like it’s really helpful for students because I feel like, not everyone knows what to do right now like in their future.  It would help people determine what they’re going to do in the future.  Or like, what they’re doing, they’re going to grow up with basically,” sophomore Jay Lohr said. 

Students will receive the most valuable courses recommendation, and that can help guide them to the right path. Career and Pathways can improve social skills and make better leaders by enabling them to relate to different kinds of people.  Help them develop strong communication skills so they can handle any situation, to be knowledgeable enough in marketing and internet fields, business.

“You can achieve like this an open like perspective of like, everything that you can choose from.  Like to gain more information about different careers in business like health and stuff.  Like, I never really thought a business but like now.  I like really know more about business,” Lohr added.

The Career and Pathways program can improve social skills and make better leaders by enabling students to relate to different kinds of people to find who they are, and get to go somewhere greater and bigger.  The program will get to know more fields that flextime is leading too when choosing the right path.

“It’s really reassuring when the school does little things like this,” Ibrahim said.  “Because it kind of makes makes me as a student feel like not only does the school want to, like educate us, they want us to involve ourselves.”