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Flex time’s Career and Pathways paves way for success

Career and Pathways  is a program to help students access education and training beyond high school.  Students form small groups of occupations within a career cluster. Occupations within a pathway share common skills, knowledge and interests.

Tyrina McCombs, Distribution Reporter

November 27, 2019

Flex time offers a new opportunity to explore Career and Pathways for students to meet with employees of several different industries, such as business or engineering in many career fields.  Administration and the Innovations team hopes that these offerings will introduce students to various careers, st...

STEM and liberal arts offer opportunities beyond high school

STEM and liberal arts offer opportunities beyond high school

Travis Jacobson, Social Media Reporter

November 7, 2016

According to the American Association of Colleges and Universities, by their 50's, students who majored in a liberal arts degree earn about $2,000 more than students who majored in professional degrees. Culturally and socially, arts are important to students. Arts encourage students to express themselv...

Teens choose popular career paths

Hannah Weegman, Online Editor

November 19, 2014

Most teens are choosing medical career paths such as a doctor, surgeons, or personal trainers.  Many students begin their academic career with common and general career goals or aspirations, often teachers or veterinarians. As they grow and are exposed to more opportunities they change and narrow down...

Serier decides Disney

Senior Laura Serier posed by one of the many posters in her Disney themed basement.

Lucien Lemanski

October 30, 2013

“Our basement is Disney themed,” said senior Laura Serier proudly. "We have Mickey Mouse hands that hold the toilet paper and then one that holds the towels. Also we have a Mickey’s nightmare puzzle that my brother and I put together and now it is taped up on the wall.” Serier will be going to ...

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