Theatre class practices for upcoming show, ‘Fairy Tale Misfits’


Photo by Emma Wagner

Students in theatre class practice during the entirety of fifth hour. They try to memorize lines and blocking as senior Jahnett Coleman-Cotton, a director, assists them on what to do.

Emma Wagner, Copy Editor

This year, a new set of faces will emerge on the stage as theatre class starts with a new cast and a new show called “Fairy Tale Misfits.” Students and parents are excited for the new show due to the fact that kids are going outside of their comfort zone to perform in front of an audience.

This excitement comes from the fact that theatre class is entirely different from theatre club. In theatre club, students meet outside of school with people who share the same interest of acting. They go through the audition process for school plays and spend hours after school perfecting their product.

“Drama club does many activities after school. You are welcome to try out for all the plays, musicals, etc. but, you are not guaranteed a role. Drama club performs a number of plays throughout the year where theatre class only does one play,” Drew added.

In theatre class, everyone is welcome to sign up. People decide to take the class to help with public speaking, acting or even just making new friends. Many students who have participated in the class say they learn valuable life skills and learn to enjoy performing for an audience. 

Senior Jahnett Coleman-Cotton said being able to be a student assistant has taught her how to direct a cast and be a better leader.

Now again, the theatre class has chosen a play to perform on Dec. 18 during flex and after school. All the students who took the class are included and learn to perform in front of peers and parents confidently.

Sophomore Jack Distad mentioned theatre class helped him memorize his lines faster. 

Theatre class is a course you can take during the school day. You will receive a grade and an art credit for completing the course. Most rehearsals are during the school day. You are guaranteed a role in the play if you take the class”

— Debby Drew

The play revolves around a groundhog and a writer who get stuck in a fairytale land full of rejected fairytale characters. These characters are knockoffs of real ones including Sleepless Beauty, Indecisive Goldilocks and even Jacqueline the Giant Slayer, Jack’s sister.

Distad plays a character he said is “kind of like timid and like, not very brave. He’s super easy to scare and he’s skittish.”

This cast is directed under Drew, who gained experience in the film business from a previous job. She now uses her film knowledge to help teach students how to be better actors.

“I hope to teach kids the basics of public performance and speaking, team building, and an appreciation for the performing arts. It is my goal to help kids feel comfortable on the stage and in front of an audience. I want them to have fun and build their confidence,” Drew said.

“Y’all should come see the play because it has some very unexpected scenes going on for it and it’s really entertaining!” Coleman-Cotton said.