Juniors win annual Powder Puff


Photo by Katie Kangas

Senior and Junior girls face off for Powder Puff in Pony Stadium during homecoming week. The competing teams get ready to start a first down in the first 25 minute half of the game.

Katie Kangas, Print Layout Editor-in-Chief

During Homecoming week,  junior and senior girls faced off in the annual Powder Puff football game for the prize title of winner. The upperclassmen girls are coached by their respective grade male football players.  They practice up to three times before the night of the game to learn positions and how to run plays. This year, the juniors took home the win with an ending score of 12-6.

Because the school was not able to hold the event last year, it was hard to gain excitement from students to participate. Seniors, having at least some experience with Powder Puff, were showing more excitement than the class below them.

Senior Ameila Bretl explained that when she was a freshman “a lot of seniors were really into this” and she feels like she was “always excited to do it from other seniors.”

Even though there was less excitement from the junior class this year, they still pulled through in the end with intense defense and successful offensive plays to win the game.  Juniors worked together as a team to beat the upper class.

Everybody “thought of us as the underdog…but we just came out with the dub,” junior Jessie Miggler said and junior Coach Chris Fretag added, “Our defense played the game of their life and the offense was on point.”  

Although the seniors did not win this year, the game still served as a community building event where people from different sports got to come together to play and get to know each other.  During the three practices before the game, teammates had to learn how to work together, run plays and communicate with each other.

“I think it was good community building within our own grade,” senior Stella Cockson said.

In the end, the Powder Puff game was all about raising spirit for the homecoming week and coming together as a student body.

Senior coach Mason Buck explained “it’s more about having fun.”


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