Powderpuff brings out competitive spirits

Dylan Andres, Social Media Editor

A flag football game played between girls from senior and junior classes, known as Powderpuff, is kicking off for the third year under the lights at Pony Stadium. The seniors look to bounce back with a win after last year’s loss to the class of 2015, but the juniors aren’t going to make it easy for them. Each team looks to star-athletes and coaches to guide them to a big win.

Powderpuff football has been going on for 3 years. Boys’ coach Mike Puhrmann, social studies teacher and Powderpuff referee has been the referee all 3 years.

“The girls are very intense out there. They want to get after it.”, Purhmann said, “Minus the hitting, the girls want to play well. They want to win.”

Puhrmann has learned through the experience. On the other side of the line as a referee, Puhrmann has learned to stay off the refs more than he usually would. This is one way of how Powderpuff football is able to teach people a new perspective on the game of football.

“I’ve learned to not get after the refs as hard,” Puhrmann said.

The class of 2016 lost to the class of 2015 last year. Senior varsity quarterback, Mutt Hoefferle, will be coaching the girls for the second year. He and the girls are on a mission to get their first win.

“The players, especially if we win, will come away feeling really good about themselves,” Hoefferle said. “Especially after last year’s loss.”

Hoefferle is also gaining knowledge from this experience. He has picked up things from being a coach that he can convert into his game to improve his play.

“I learned things myself so if we are teaching the girls one thing, then I’ll think of something that I haven’t thought of before,” Hoefferle said, “and I can use to my benefit while playing.”

Each team is relying on their star-athletes to lead them to victory. Junior wide receiver, Isabel Boedigheimer, is expecting her team’s athletes to give them a strong advantage in the game.

“We have a lot of varsity athletes on our team, like 3-sport varsity athletes,” Boedigheimer said, “We have so many athletic girls.”

Senior “super-fan” and defensive back, Maria Vitale, is also relying on their star-players to lead them to a victory, but what Maria think will be the game changer is the experience
gained from last year.

The girls always play hard, and the coaches have been respectful. It’s always a fun experience.

— Mike Puhrmann

“We have more experience since we played last year,” Vitale said, “and we have a lot of really athletic girls that will really help us out.”

At the end of the day, the juniors ended up capturing the victory with a 16-14 win. The game came down to the wire, and with just seconds remaining the junior defense stood tall.

“The girls always play hard, and the coaches have been respectful. It’s always a fun experience,” Puhrmann said.

Everyone had a good time playing the game of football, and they also came away learning much more about teamwork, sportsmanship, and how to play football.