Bach wins Administrator of the Year


Photo by Karley Rydeen

Principal Rob Bach helps junior Ella Hamilton in the hall. demonstrating how Bach is attentive to his students’ needs.

Karley Rydeen, Distribution Reporter

With his open mind and attentive nature, Principal Rob Bach was named Administrator of the Year by the Minnesota Association of Secretaries to the Principals. This award amplifies the dedication and leadership skills of administrators around the state of Minnesota. 

A handful of students and staff came together throughout the building to nominate Bach for the award, one being Rachel Anselmo, his secretary. Anselmo considered Bach’s accomplishments through the seven years of working along his side; she has seen his dedication to our school with late nights and long days. Bach was there for staff and students. 

“He leads by example,” Anselmo explained. “He’s a very conscientious and objective leader. He puts the needs of his students and staff above his own.”

Bach’s not only attentive to the staff’s needs but also the students. Throughout the past year, he has helped resolve problems ranging from COVID-19 to equality issues. He allows every student’s voice to be heard, giving attention to all the students and the issues that may go on around the school. 

“We never even needed to ask for help because he was already there,” Student Council President senior Brynn Wurgler said. 

Going above and beyond the role of just an administrator. Bach greets students by their first name as he passes them in the hall, improving programs for the kids to make high school go easier. Bach takes responsibility for everything that happens within the doors of SAHS. 

He leads by example. He’s a very conscientious and objective leader. He puts the needs of his students and staff above his own.”

— Rachel Anselmo

“He’s always shielding other people and taking responsibility for things that might not even be his responsibility,” Anselmo said. “He feels like this building is his responsibility and everything that happens in this building.” 

Bach’s willingness to listen and work alongside students and staff made him the appropriate fit for the criteria. Overcoming many challenges within our school, while working collaboratively with students, including our student council co. presidents, without hesitation Bach’s there for the student body. He goes the extra mile to help improve the community within our school. 

“He is always making sure that everyone has a chance to talk and voice their thoughts,” Student Council President senior Mara Doe said. 

Bach’s dedication shines as he constantly influences our school on a daily basis. Without hesitation, he helps guide and assist staff and students. Bach is constantly making a point to be interactive throughout the school. He wants to know students, learn new ideas within classrooms, and strives to make the school safe for everyone. 

Bach explained making sure that you [students] have all of the opportunities, both in the classroom, and even outside of a classroom that you would want as a high school student.

Anselmo described, “He’s implemented and started things that are really positive changes and helpful things for students and teachers.”