Robert Bach becomes new principal


Press Photo Woodbury High School

Woodbury High School Assistant Principal Robert Bach will take over as head Principal of Stillwater Area High School in July.


“I am honored to work at a school of this stature,” said Robert Bach, Assistant Principal of Woodbury High School. Bach was recently offered the job as the new Principal of Stillwater Area High School. According to a Stillwater District press release, after intensive interviews of 16 candidates, administration was able to narrow the best choice for principal to one: Bach.

They used thorough reviews of the feedback collected from interviewers, extensive reference checks and ventures screenings to make their decision to choose Bach for the position. There were two main characteristics that were used to choose the correct future principal: a person who values longevity in the position and a person who values
positive relationships. Both of these aspects were seen in Bach. He is said to have worked hard to develop quality relationships with parents, students and staff during the 22 years of his career in education.

“There was a consistent theme that emerged from all Rob’s references that focused on strong personal relationships, organized, and great follow through. Those are three  strong traits that will serve the high school students, staff and parents well in the years to come,” said Dr. Ryan Laager, Executive Director of Curriculum and Secondary Education.

Bach has served as Assistant Principal at Park High School and is currently the Assistant Principal  at Woodbury High School. Not only has he had experience with being an Assistant Principal, but has also held multiple other leadership positions such as an Interim Activities Director and a  Coordinator of Basic Skills Testing.

Bach said, “Stillwater Area High School is a destination school and I am humbled beyond belief to be able to come work here.” With the school board’s approval during the meeting on May 22, Bach will begin his work as principal this summer in preparation for the 2014-15 school year.