Girls golf team back in full swing


Photo submitted by Caroline Monty

This photo was taken this past winter when Caroline was playing at Veranda Golf Course in Florida.

Spring sports have just started recently, and girls golf is back in full swing, ready to be returning to the Oak Glen greens. The team practices Monday through Thursday from 3-5 p.m., with matches two to three times a week. The girls are excited to be back playing as a team. 

Junior Caroline Monty, a player on the JV team, has been on the golf team since seventh grade, but started playing at a very young age because of her family’s interest in the game. This year looks a bit different for her because it is her first year playing without her sister, Catherine Monty, on the team with her. 

There are three senior team captains: Sam Kane, Savannah Vincent, and Peighton Lynskey.

Being a captain of the team comes with responsibility. “Captains pick out the uniforms for matches, they are also in charge of planning all out of practice activities so either team bonding activities or if the team goes to dinner after a match,” Monty said.  

In years past, there have been three teams the players could make; varsity, junior varsity, and junior varsity B team. This year because of COVID-19 there are only two teams—varsity and junior varsity. With no JVB team, girls who would normally make that team are set to play JV matches. 

The golf team has a strong history of wins and uses great teamwork. Monty said, “I think it’s just having good friendships and being able to practice together and do things outside of golf together.” 

This year, golf courses around Minnesota are required to have a limit of people who can be on the course at one time. This affecting the team in many ways, one being the amount of players that can be on the team. In the beginning of the season, the coaches were only going to keep 16 players. They changed the rule when only 25 girls showed up to try-outs. 

This golf season the limited amount of girls on the team has been a blessing in disguise. There is more time for players to get to know their coaches and have more one-on-one time with them. Another being the girls on the team get to participate in more matches.

I’m just excited to be back playing as a team.”

— Caroline Monty

The matches have some restrictions and players are not allowed to warm up on the course. “This has changed the game for our matches, because we don’t know the speed of the greens,” Monty said.

In a normal year they would arrive at the match an hour early, but this year they get there 30 minutes before the match starts. Then the whole team meets and then it’s time to play.

All members playing on the course are required to wear a mask and social distance while playing. When all players arrive at the course they warm up by hitting on the range then the rest of practice they normally practice chipping or putting on the greens. 

Something special about the golf team is that it allows students from 7th grade to 12th grade play so it includes all ages. The girls golf team is off to a great start to this season and can’t wait to see how the rest of the season goes. 

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Pull quote: “I’m just excited to be back playing as a team”