OSI Physical Therapy allows athletes quick recovery


Photo by Julia Bennett

Students utilize after school assistance from physical therapists Dec. 11 in the athletic training room. They are given exercises to complete throughout rehabilitation to build strength.

OSI Physical Therapy is now available in the athletic training room. Therapists are able to evaluate and assist in the rehabilitation of athletes as well as students and faculty. The on-site service will be similar to a clinic experience in the treatment and insurance aspects. However, the convenience in location and availability offers an easier path to recovery.

Sara Lumby, an OSI employee, led the implementation of services into the school building. She believed this program was a necessary addition.

“We knew it would be super convenient to offer therapy there so we gathered up some supplies and moved our Wednesday evening clinic over there,” Lumby said.

With help from Lumby, Activity Director Ricky Michel desired a similar program to Lumby’s proposal. He agreed there needed to be a way for athletes to recover quickly without an additional trip to a clinic.

“It was an agreement between OSI and Stillwater as a way to benefit the students here,” Michel explained.

Therapists employed at OSI often attended sporting events to help athletes when injured during games in the past. This support will continue at games, but can lead to the opportunity to recover with the same trainers.

Michel hopes this program is “an accessible way for athletes to recover and go to rehab in an efficient way.”

OSI’s Stillwater location includes many patients from the district hoping to return to their sport. Their schedule is often difficult to squeeze into.

[I hope this program is] an accessible way for athletes to recover and go to rehab in an efficient way.”

— Ricky Michel

“I had an appointment that was two weeks out when I tried to schedule, but when I talked to the people here at OSI they got me in that very day,” senior Derek Berg said.

Athletes can experience injuries that are minimal or severe. Therapists in the building can offer evaluation, manual therapy and exercise prescription for whatever crosses their paths. With an insurance card and parental consent, students can schedule their own appointments through OSI’s Stillwater location within these time frames.

“I think this definitely helps athletes get back into the game because being hurt and sitting on the sidelines sucks,” Berg added. “Getting back into the sport quick is really helpful.”

Lumby is excited to begin working with high school athletes in the building. This will allow her to stay in close contact with the athletic trainers and coaches so they are all on the same page with return to play progressions.

“I love working with high school athletes.  They are motivated to improve and keep the treatment light and fun. It is so important to me to be able to provide services in a convenient and cost effective manner,” Lumby added.

The next step for this program is recognition. Michel’s main goal is spreading the word about the availability and option to attend physical therapy at school.

“This news has only been passed through those who know to their friends, but we want to advertise and let others know this is an option available,” Michel said.