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OSI Physical Therapy allows athletes quick recovery

Students utilize after school assistance from physical therapists Dec. 11 in the athletic training room. They are given exercises to complete throughout rehabilitation to build strength.

Julia Bennett, Social Media Editor In Chief

January 16, 2020

OSI Physical Therapy is now available in the athletic training room. Therapists are able to evaluate and assist in the rehabilitation of athletes as well as students and faculty. The on-site service will be similar to a clinic experience in the treatment and insurance aspects. However, the convenien...

Ricky Michel named to St. Croix Valley Hall of Fame

Athletic Director Ricky Michel enters St. Croix Valley Hall of Fame this fall. He is a former baseball coach and elementary teacher.

Sadie Heieren, Photography Editor

November 7, 2018

A new name was added to the St. Croix Valley Hall of Fame this fall: Athletic Director Ricky Michel. He now has a place with the other coaches and athletes that have many great accomplishments at Stillwater. Long awaited, he and a few others happily received their claims to fame. Their dedication and hard...

Snowiest April ever delays spring sports season

Snowiest April ever delays spring sports season

Hunter Hippel, Online Editor-in-Chief

May 10, 2018

The return from spring break signifies many things for students:  warmer weather, the beginning of the spring sports season, and dwindling days of the school year. But this year, that has not been the case.  Winter weather has hung around the state for weeks longer than normal.  Multiple inches ...

First homecoming carnival sets its course

First homecoming carnival sets its course

Rose Deziel, Copy Editor

September 19, 2017

In a drastically changing school district, it can sometimes be difficult to feel a strong sense of unity.  The Homecoming Committee had a vision though, and their vision was to bring the community together through a carnival. The carnival took place on Sept. 15,  on the school campus.  Only high school students were allowed to at...

New weight room open for public use, possible revenue stream

New weight room open for public use, possible revenue stream

Hunter Hippel, Online Editor

April 4, 2017

Opening up the weight room to the public is a great way to generate some more revenue and to make up for the cost of the new facilities, which is an extremely hefty $48,025,031.  This will give the school a new revenue stream and give gym users in the community a new and possibly better option. "[The]...

Out with grass, in with turf: fall sports play on new field

Picture of two the practice fields behind the school. This will allow players to play no matter the weather with no cancellations. Michael said,

Jack Reinseth, Distribution Reporter

October 13, 2016

With all the construction this year, there are many new things being added and renovated at the school.  One of the new additions is the turf fields. The school decided to get rid of the traditional grass fields and add four new state-of-the-art turf fields. The turf is a very important addition to the school; it gives students th...

High school expansion for athletics

High school expansion for athletics

Cole LeBourgeouis, Copy Editor

October 13, 2015

In the spring of 2016, Stillwater High School is going to be adding on to the Pony Athletic Center.  They will be making many changes to the existing soccer fields and adding new features to the high school. Stillwater has passed a $97.5 million bond that will allow the high school to upgrade a...

Living the dream, College Signing day

Justin Hannasch, Team Lead Editor

February 18, 2015

Playing college sports is a rare thing. According to College Stats, 7.3 percent of boys and 7.6 percent of girls will make the commitment to go from a high school to a college sport. In fact, CBS News reports that only 2 percent of high school athletes will even get a college scholarship. On Feb. 4, the ...

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