Super fans show super school spirit

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Hailey Buelow, Social Media Reporter

It’s a Friday evening and among the bleachers at the high school, and among the cheering teenagers is a small group that are responsible for the schools exhilarating school spirit.

This small group are the super fans, and everyone knows who they are. Because they great at their job, they definitely stand out from the rest. They make football games much more fun and exciting environment, by being the leaders that start chants and come up with activities for half time. It seems like an awesome job to have. 

All super fans have to be seniors. This year’s super fans are Isabel Boedigheimer, Pad DaBruzi, Annie Seiler, Kleio Vrohidis, Taylor Hanson. Amy Faust, Grace Donner, Kaylie Goeltz,  Grace Sobeich, Hunter Schreiber, Aaron Dopkins, Parker Anderson, Luke Olson and Josh Phelps.

Superman Responsibilities

The duties of the super fans may make it seem like they have the easiest and most fun job ever, but while its fun, they have many more tasks than anyone may realize.

The responsibilities of the super fans include posting about many of the sporting events, not just football, on Twitter and Facebook. They have to be up to date and well informed on all different sports at SAHS, rather than just the most popular.

“It doesn’t seem like a lot, but kind of is actually,”  Boedigheimer said. “We have to try to make everyone happy while also following the rules.”

Making sure to follow all the rules, and make sure everybody else is,  can be hard at times for the super fans, especially during sport games in the student section.

“It’s our job to start the chants but also to shut them down if someone tries to chant something such as ‘sophomores suck’ or something degrading” Boedigheimer explained.

Being a superfan definitely means having the power to make as many positive impacts on our school and student section as possible.”

— Isabel Boedingheimer

It’s their job to pick out the themes for games and spirit weeks, come up with the homecoming halftime stunt, and design shirts and make sure to get them out on time for the pink out game. With all of these tasks together, it goes to show how much more they have to do than just start chants at sport events.

The highlight of their job definitely seems to be exactly what they are known best for: Friday night football games. This group really gets to take most of the credit for our schools extraodinary student section.

“It’s the best feeling ever,” DaBruzzi said about explaining the emotions that come along when a chant or activity successfully pumps up the student section. “It feels just like pure elation and adrenaline.”

When Boedigheimer was asked about how it feels to get the student section pumped up, her response shows she feels similarly.

“It’s actually a super good feeling”, she said. “Its kinda a big accomplishment when everyone cheers and gets hyped.”

Many students hope that they can be super fans when they are seniors, too. In fact, almost every student said that they think it would be super fun and they would totally be one.

“I actually would (want to be a super fan someday). It would be super fun, I think it would be super cool” junior Lexi Monson said.

Becoming a super fan isn’t hard to do either. It’s as easy as filling out an application and turning it into the activities office.

“I think they basically say yes to everyone as long as they aren’t a super busy person with sports or anything” Boedigheimer said.

Anyone who isn’t in two sports and five different clubs already would have a pretty good shot at being one, so it’s cool to see that it’s an easy opportunity to anyone interested.

Being a super fan seems like an amazing opportunity to get involved in the school in a unique and fun way. It really gives the students a chance to show off their school spirit and spread it on to others, and school spirit is possibly the best way to unite the school and have a great year each year.

Boedigheimer sees the super fans as an amazing opportunity for SAHS.  “Being a superfan definitely means having the power to make as many positive impacts on our school and student section as possible.”