Girls softball team competes in new season


Photo by Maggie O'Brien

Senior Alexis Monty hits the ball at a home game vs. Woodbury on May 12. The team showed their skill, played hard and won the game 5-0.

Maggie O'Brien, Layout Editor

The girls softball team welcomes the current season with a powerful start, winning eight games back-to-back before getting their first loss. After many successful seasons in the past, the team has been fighting hard to win every game and improve along the way. Besides their play, the team works hard to maintain an amazing relationship with their teammates and to enjoy their season.

The team’s season has been very successful and the team has impressed others with their wins. They have been working together, playing well and enjoying their games and time on the team.

“I’m kind of baffled with how the season [is] going. I think a lot of the girls are pushing themselves mentally and physically and it has really showcased in our stats,” senior team captain Alexis Monty said.

While the team has stayed strong and played incredibly well, like their past season, many changes have occurred. One of them was in leadership.

Coach Angie Ryan explained that last year, the team had six seniors and was led by upperclassmen. The team now only has three seniors so they are a bit of a younger team.

After the seniors left, the team thought it would have a devastating impact on their play. Although, that was not the case. The team was not stuck with that loss and this year they have been playing as a team and trusting each other more than before.

“I would say that we are playing more as a team. I think that we’re all playing really well together and I think that we have a greater bond,” junior Lily Grundner said.

While the team works hard and is powerful and strong, they have faced opponents that have not made it easy for them. They work hard to overcome those teams and get past them.

“We just really have to push ourselves even more in those types of games because they can compete just as well as we can,” Monty said.

I would say that we are playing more as a team. I think that we’re all playing really well together and I think that we have a greater bond.

— Lily Grundner

The team has many strengths in their play, like their offensive lineup. A main strength is their morale and teamwork.

Even if the team is down in the game, junior Addie Coffey said the team makes sure “our team dynamic is very strong.”

Having a good team dynamic and trusting your teammates is important. It can really affect a team’s score and stats. The team does many things to keep their dynamic strong.

“I feel like our senior leaders are very good at keeping everyone engaged and focused but also making it fun and we all joke around with each other,” Coffey said.

They have made a lot of improvements in their play, but something they have made plenty of improvement on is their indestructible morale.

“We have had a lot of team chemistry but I think this year, you can really tell that a lot of us have gotten really close,” Monty said.

Just like every team, there are little improvements to be made. For this team it is more rest and breaks. 

“We played basically everyday last week and we only had Sunday off and then we play everyday this week. So, you know, we need some rest. So you know, I think that is what we need,” Ryan said.

After some well needed rest, the girls will start the next part of their season, sectionals. They have been striving for this and working incredibly hard all season for this. They are excited and ready for this new chapter in their season.